From the expressive dog oil portraits displayed at the key spots to the cute textile design of parrots on the upholstery, the pet themed décor gives a home the chic and charming vibes. If you are a family of ardent pet lovers, these cool and creative interior decoration ideas will make your home pair up perfectly with your lifestyle. Read on and make your own design notes!

Bring the walls into the play

Depending on the species of pets you own – a dog, cat, parrot, tortoise or even a horse, you can customize your walls on a concept that revolves around them. Nature themed wall papers with a pattern of the pet species that you own on it can be quite a statement maker. Curtains or screens with the cute paw print on them too can add to the playful ambiance of your space.

Wall decals and stickers with the pets as the concepts are also popular in the modern and quirky household. For a safe bet without having to go over the top, a clock with the imagery of pet animals on it is anytime a sweet wall piece to flaunt. Apart from this, the wall or room partitions, wall installations, plug points and danglers too can have pets as the focal subject.

Some pet art to add to the glory

If you want to go little more elite and fine artsy, a beautifully executed pet oil painting can be a wonderful idea. From a smaller sized canvas to the much bigger and overpowering size, it can look absolutely stunning when placed properly and accompanied by complementing interior decor. The pet dog oil portraits, for example, when hung in a family room, home theatre, living room, dining area or a lounge creates plentiful of joyous vibes in the space that is meant to weave good times.  If you are a bigger art pro, you might as well further try getting a pet-themed sculpture in your garden, a mural in the verandah, an art installation in any common living space or graffiti wall painting in the kids’ room.

Show your love through the showpieces

What often accentuates the expression of your fondness for the pets are the mindfully picked or customized showpieces. Turning a cute sized pet oil painting from photo into a table top art frame, or, the photo collage of your darling pet kept at a key spot in your home makes the space look livelier and of course lovelier. Pet themed wind chimes, centre pieces, wood crafts, glass crafts, ceramic art and pottery too brings about a beautiful visual language to an otherwise plain looking home.

Kitchen knick knacks to enhance the cuteness quotient

Another delightful idea to make your everyday pepped up with the pet décor is to collect, display and use the pet themed objects in and around your kitchen. When love for food gets associated with the just as evergreen if not more love for the pets, the combination is definitely a heartwarming one. Use the mugs that have cats, birds, dogs, tortoises, rabbits etc embossed, printed or painted over them. You can own a set of trays and plates too crafted around the same theme. Kitchen or meal napkins with cute animal embroidery on them can uplift the aesthetics of your home in a small but fun and artsy way. And, how can we forget about the fridge magnets? There are a wide variety of them available with your favorite animal playing the hero. Let them enliven the boring looking fridge in the sweetest way possible.

Go pet fancy with furnishing and home accessories

One of the most loved ideas to quirk up the styling game is by extending your love for the pets into the textile, tapestry and upholstery that adorn you home. Imagine a stylish sofa or chairs made with the happy, bright and well designed pet themed tapestry. It can further be accompanied by the matching cushion covers to complete the look. Play around with the bed-sheets, blankets and rugs too with animals popping up in their print, weaving or patterns. The rugs in the kids’ room, for example, can have fluttering birds, hopping rabbits, playful dogs, napping cats etc on them. A doormat that is made in the shape of the dogs’ chewing bone or a cat’s paw is also fun to look at along with its utility value of course. Pet themed one-liners can make an interesting appearance here.

Boards and signage with pet quotes to spell out the message

If you don’t believe in the magic of words, try the pet quotes and signs to win you over by their quirky, witty, hilarious and stimulating presence. Some of our all time favorites are “Love is a four legged word!”, “Dogs welcome, people tolerated”, “Beware of the dog. The cat is shady too!”, “Life is purrrfect with a cat!” and many more. You can get a signage made out of them and show it off on your gate, front door or patio. Or, get the room door tags customized with such fun sentences and notes.