Oral cancer surgery procedures

Every oral cancer patient is different, and there are many experts and experienced oral cancer surgeons in India who develop a treatment plan that will be according to each patient’s specific type of oral cancer. Below are some of the common oral cancer surgery types that are performed by the doctors.

Oral cancer surgery procedures

Below we have listed various oral cancer surgery procedures, and it will depend upon the stage of cancer that which surgical process is best for you :

Tumour resection

This is an oral cancer surgery which is performed to remove the entire tumor. Many normal tissues that surround the tumor are also removed to eradicate as many cancer cells as possible. An easily reached small tumor can be removed easily through the mouth. But for tumors that are harder to reach because of the large size is removed through an incision that is needed in the jawbone or neck.

Mohs micrographic surgery

This is the oral cancer surgery procedure, also termed as doctors recommend microsurgery for some cancers of the lip. In this process, the tumor is removed in very thin slices and in which every slice is examined under the microscope for the presence of cancer cells. This process goes on until no cancer cells are observed. With this approach, it helps to prevent the removal of normal tissues and few changes in appearance.

Full or partial mandible, i.e. jawbone resection

This procedure is recommended when a tumor has grown into the jawbone or in a mandibular resection, or mandibulectomy. In this process, the tenure or some part of the jawbone is removed. If the jawbone appears normal in an X-ray and no cancer cells are found then just a small piece of the bone may be removed. On the other hand, if the X-ray confirms cancer in the jawbone, then the entire bone will be removed.


 This is a type of oral cancer surgery in India, which involves removal of the tongue, and is performed to treat cancers of the tongue. If the tumor is very small, then partial removal is done, and if there are larger tumors, then it may require removal of the entire tongue.


This is an oral cancer surgerythat removes all or part also known as partial maxillectomy of the hard palate, which is in the front of the roof of the mouth. In this surgery, a special denture may be created to fill the hole which is left by this surgery.


It is an oral cancersurgical procedure that involves the removal of the voice box along with the primary tumor. In cases when a large tumor has grown on the tongue or in the oropharynx, then it requires removal of some tissue involved in swallowing to remove as many cancer cells as possible. With this surgical procedure , the windpipe is connected to  hole in the skin of the neck for breathing.many techniques are available in a few circumstances to restore vocal capabilities after a laryngectomy.

Neck dissection

 This type of oral cancer surgery is performed to remove lymph nodes in the neck if in cases cancer has spread to this area. Doctors will recommend various procedure depending on the size and extent of cancer in the lymph nodes:

  • Partial or selective neck dissection – This is recommended to remove only a few lymph nodes
  • Modified radical neck dissection – This is recommended to remove most lymph nodes on one side of the neck which resides amid the jawbone as well as the collarbone, and some muscle and nerve tissue
  • Radical neck dissection This is recommended to remove almost all lymph nodes on one side, along with more extensive removal of muscle, nerves, as well as veins.


This procedure of oral cancer surgery involves attaching blood vessels under a microscope, which improves reconstructing the oral cavity as well as the oropharynx. These procedures involve the tissue from distant parts of the body, counting arm muscle, the intestine, abdominal muscle, or else lower leg bone, which is used to replace parts of the mouth, throat or else the jawbone.

Oral Cancer Surgery Cost in India ranges between USD 3200 to USD 4000. However, the cost depends on the type of treatment like a Laryngectomy or Chemotherapy, along with the stage of the disease.