Most important points to know about Impotence

Although impotence can be cured, many men do not seek the help of an expert. Why?

First of all, probably because they are ashamed to entrust themselves to doctors. It is also the influence of the previous upbringing, the tabooing of intimate life. There is still a lack of awareness among the public and physicians about genuinely useful ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Reserves are also in their ranks, i.e., with doctors. Only 20% of GPs actively ask their patients about physical problems, though? Men aged 40-65 would welcome an active approach from doctors. At medical faculties, the emphasis is on diseases of civilization and cancer, and information on is less critical.

Does impotence affect a man’s life outside the physical field?

Physical problems hurt the overall feeling of health, joy of life, partnerships, or family relationships. Sometimes there is a risk of the breakup of a partnership or marriage. A man closes in on himself, moves away from a friend, his self-confidence and work performance decreases, and gets into depression and isolation, alcoholism, smoking, and stress more common. The woman asks the questions: Does he still love me? Am I still attractive to him? Does he have any other? He does not want to initiate lovemaking for fear of rejection because a man is afraid of failure. Some women even settle for a relationship without love if the man has potency problems use Fildena 100 and Fildena 150 to improve erection.

Can a partner help a man with a problem?

The help of an understanding partner is essential. Especially at an older age, it takes longer for a man to get an erection, and then manual stimulation of the limb by the partner helps. More encouraging words from a woman when a man fails, e.g. “- at your age, it’s time to fail here and there, next time we can do it together,” they’re better than freezing silence and circumventing the problem. If the problem is not solved, the man is already afraid of further failure, and a vicious circle is formed, which usually does not solve itself without the help of a doctor.

So could you give our advice to women through our magazine – what can most “ignite” men?

In general, men watch, and women perform in such a way that men look at and admire them. And men like to do it. Men are excited by the women’s clothing, emphasizing women’s shapes, especially the fine leather clothing. Sophisticated short dresses for the party are exciting in what they reveal and in what they cover. Erotic colors are red and black. Black is associated with night, sin, red is the color of passion, wine. The corset, thin translucent underwear emphasizes real women’s real shapes while still, something is hidden, mysterious, exciting. Fine silk is the most tactile material of human skin. Exciting are love SMS and emails, perfumes, candlelight, long healthy and shiny hair, passionate dance – the most sensual is tango, staying in a hot tub with warm water in pairs – even without clothes. There are simply no limits to the imagination.

What, on the contrary, should men do to make their love life more satisfying?

If a man has had erection problems for a long time, it is difficult to assume that the condition will resolve spontaneously, without the help of a doctor. Without general examination, only general lifestyle principles can be recommended that improve the chances of improving physical performance.

It should be noted that any adverse effects that affect blood vessels also impair the ability to get an erection. So: don’t smoke. Smoking, among other adverse effects on health, impairs blood circulation. Further, limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol kills brain cells, damages the central nervous system’s activity, and can impair the ability to get an erection try Fildena 120 or vigora 100. Exercise helps lower blood pressure, lowers body weight, and improves lung capacity. These are all factors that will enhance the form and performance. Learning to relax is also very important. Stress and worries kill love desire.