Monkey Caps – The Way Adults Can Keep Warm in The Winter

The ideal temperature for our body is said to be exactly 80.6o degrees F. At this temperature an uncovered human body is thermos-neutral, i.e. the heat generated by the body matches the heat lost to the surrounding. However, this phenomenon is rare. In cold temperature blood vessels near the surface squash tight causing the blood to be forced deeper into the body. This affects the brain, heart and other parts of the body.

The lack of blood flow near the skin causes shivering which in turn generates heat. But the portion of the body above the neck is not so thermostatically sensitive, leading up to 50% loss of body heat if the head and ears remain uncovered. This effect is more pronounced in elderly people. Monkey cap for adults helps them to get around this. A monkey cap helps an adult person to stay warm as it covers the head, ears, and the throat. The only part visible is the nose, eyes and the mouth.

 Monkey caps can be worn by both men and women and it is an essential piece of garment in cold climates. It can match perfectly with any winter wear, be it jeans or any formal cloth.

Types of monkey caps

Monkey cap for adults is made either from cotton or from wool. The cotton monkey caps are worn in less wintry condition, whereas woolen monkey caps are best for freezing weather. Cotton caps are soft, comfortable and easily washable.

 The woolen ones provide higher insulation. The ones made from natural wool are slightly itchy but are very warm. They are suitable for extremely cold climatic conditions. They are also more expensive than the cotton version.

 There are various styles available in the market beside the classic monkey caps.

  • Solid reversible monkey cap for adults are a special type. These are very stylish and both sides can be worn.
  • Solid monkey caps of different colors look simple yet elegant. They can be worn both with formal wear as well as casuals.
  • Solid balaclava caps are useful for very cold weather.
  • Turban-head monkey caps look good on women. They are sophisticated and stylish.

While buying a monkey cap for adults one should make sure that it fits properly. An ill-fitting cap not only is uncomfortable, but it also spoils the style. A cap that snugly fits keeps the hair in place and maximize the insulation. If you buy it from the store then you can try out the one that best fits you.

If you want to purchase a monkey cap online you need to measure your head. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around the head to measure the circumference. Note the measurement and compare it with the size chart given on the website.

People sometimes face the problem of shrinkage of the cap because of washing it in the dryer. If no instruction is given the best way to take care of your monkey cap is to hand-wash it and dry naturally in sunlight.