Latest Cake Trends- Types You Can Gift Someone

Everybody loves cakes. These spongy surgery desserts are delicious and also look great. Besides that, no party is complete with a cake. There are different cakes for each occasion and you won’t be unsatisfied. This article will tell you about some cakes that are going to be favourite in this year.

  • Deconstructed Cakes

People now want each tier of cakes to be displayed different needless to say, deconstructed cakes are now a favourite option for a wedding reception and other parties. Each case is displayed in different cake stands. You can easily play with flavours and styles.

  • Surprise Cakes

Surprise cakes are also high on demand. These cakes have a hollow centre that is filled with candies, gifts or well wishes. Surprise cakes are a go-to favourite for kids’ birthday parties, baby showers and surprise parties. Many bakeries are now getting the request of surprise cakes to send cakes by post.

  • Waffle Cakes

We love both waffles and cakes. So, why not make a cake with waffle and frosting. This theme is getting popular day by day. Waffles of different flavours stacked on with frosting and buttercream. You can play with the flavours as much as you want.

  • Mirror Glaze cakes

With Instagram, we all know these cakes. The cakes have a shiny mirror-like glaze. Often marbled glaze with different colours and sky mirror glaze cakes are a hot favourite. According to experts, the most requests for cake delivered UK now ask for mirror glazed cakes.

  • Levitating Cakes

This is a cake which looks magical. Levitating cakes have a tier that usually levitates in the air. This cake is popular in both the wedding and birthday parties. Bakers use a magnet to float the cake layers. In some cases, the use of see-through doubles to create a levitating effect. Whatever the process may be the cakes are amazing.

  • Light up cakes

This is another magical cake on this list. This type has small lights around them to illuminate the designs. Light up cakes ideal for Christmas parties, New Year parties and weddings.

  • Projection Cake

Projection cakes are a great option for a wedding. Photos, slogans and messages are projected on a simple cake with projectors. The cakes are simple but the technology is marvelous.

  • Food looks look alike cakes

These are the cakes that do not look like cakes, but look like other foods. This trend is catching up. People now want something different to show off. Look-a-like cakes are a great choice. Bakers can also display their skill with this type of cake.

  • Cupcakes

Yes, cupcakes become more and more popular. These small sugary delights are perfect for return gifts and small parties. Bakers are now more open to experimenting. Often, bakers stack and arrange many cupcakes to make a single cake. You can customize the flavours, sizes and styles according to your choices.

  • Cake pops

Cake pops are now gaining attention. This bite-sized cake delights can be made in different shapes and flavours. Cake pops now come in shapes of stars, books, ponies, etc. Cake pops are also great for house parties, birthday parties and as return gifts.

So, these are the amazing cakes that can be awesome gifts for any birthday. If you are confused about what to gift your best friend on her birthday or anniversary, arrange any of these beautiful cakes and make them happy.