Is Surgery The Only possible Cure For The Patients Suffering From Brain Tumour?

The procedure of the Brain Tumour Treatment highly depends on the condition of the patient. So, the neurologists and the neurosurgeons first perform the diagnosis on the patient and then decide the process for the healing.

Not all the conditions require the surgery for the cure; instead, it is not possible to perform the invasive operation for all the states of a tumour. When a particular part of the brain is affected by a tumour, making the invasion in that specific portion can lead to further complications and unwanted side-effects.

So, the doctors define the treatment that is essential for the recovery of the patient, which are necessary for the cure.

The different available options for the recovery of the patient are defined briefly in the blog.

Different Possible Cure For The Brain Tumour:

One of the most preferred options for the cure of brain tumour is the radiotherapy. It is a non-invasive procedure for the treatment of the brain tumour. In this method, an intense ray of radiation is passed to the part of the brain that is suffering from the tumour, and where making invasion is not possible.

Apart from that, yet another method that is possible for the cure of the brain tumour is the chemotherapy. In this process, the strong dosage is given to the patient, as per their condition, to get the necessary cure. These drugs kill abnormal cells that are grown in different parts of the brain.

Some patients find the cure in a single session of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, while others require the multiple sessions depending on the condition.

If both the therapies do not work, then the doctors proceed for the craniotomy. A craniotomy is a surgery used to kill and remove the tumour cells present in the various parts of the brain that is medically fit for the operation and does not cause any complications after the surgery.

The doctor adapts to the surgical treatment only when no other ways are helping the patient for the cure.

Surgical treatments are required mostly for the brain tumour treatment when the tumour cells are malignant in nature, and there is a risk of conversion of the tumour into cancer. The surgical treatment is the requirement when the patient is already in the advanced stages of the sufferings and require immediate treatment. If the surgery is not performed in such a stage, it might prove to be fatal for the patient.

Final Words:

If you require the procedure at an affordable price, India is the only country where the Brain Tumour Treatment Cost is the least. You can never receive the cure for brain tumour where the surgical process starts at USD 6,000.

In other countries, the minimum cost of brain tumour surgical procedure is USD 40,000. If we talk about the countries like the US and the UK, where the price for the success-rate of the process is equivalent to that of India, the starting cost increases to USD 1,50,000 and above.