Interesting Gifts for Vape Lovers

Interesting Gifts for Vape Lovers

Smoking cigarettes isn’t as popular as it once used to be. The number of adult smokers worldwide is on the decline and a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that almost a million fewer high school students used tobacco products in 2017 as compared to 2011.

But a new trend in the market is vaping or using a handheld vaporizer that draws on liquid. A recent study shows that about 7.5 million US adults said they used these e-cigarettes, and the trend is known to be even more popular among teenagers. With this in mind, some people might even want to purchase empty vape cartridges and then sell them on. A lot of businesses do this, so some entrepreneurs might see the vaping market as an opportunity to make some money themselves. With those cartridges, people can improve their health by ditching cigarettes and vaping instead.

Those looking for the ideal gift for their friend who’s always bragging about their latest haul from the dispensary may want to get them something pretty unique, even for the collection of a bud smoker – color changing glass pipes are undoubtedly cool and surely make for quite the present! Anyway, if you’re looking for a perfect gift for a friend or relative who enjoys Vape, we have just the right guide for you!

Gifts for Long-Time Smokers Who Want to Quit

We all have at least one person in our lives who has continuously made the resolution to quit smoking every passing year. To help them achieve their aim, gift them a Vape kit that is perfect for both first-time vapers and long-time smokers, since it carefully imitates the feeling of smoking an actual cigarette.

Gifts for Nicotine Lovers

If you know anyone who enjoys their dose of nicotine alongside smoking, new pod systems are the best way to go. These types of vape models allow you to use the vaporizer comfortably at your preferred nicotine level. Some popular ones include BO Vape Starter Kit, Suorin Drop and Jovetech Atopack Penguin SE. All of these come in sleek, portable designs in a wide range of colors to suit every user’s preference.

Gifts for Cloud Fans

If you know a vape enthusiast who loves his trendy gadgets and enjoys blowing clouds, we have the perfect selection of gifts to choose from. The Reuleaux RX Gen 3 is a small, sleek mod that has a long-lasting battery and the ability to produce angelic clouds. Jovetech Ocular C, on the other hand, is for the party animal who likes their LCD screen customized and an in-built MP3 player to throw a personal party of their own.

Gifts for Cigar Smokers

The E-Cigar is perfect to puff on before starting the fire on a cold winter night. This kit appeals to cigar smokers specifically because it’s especially designed to feel and taste like an authentic cigar. Our top suggestion for this category of vapers is the E-Cigar King Kit. Including three flavors, Cuban, Ligero and Madura, this e-cigar produces a thick cloud of vapor that promises to leave no smell lingering behind.

The sandblasted hand pipes are lighter than the average hand pipe because the removal of the soft areas of the wood reduces its weight. Also, because the surface area is doubled compared to a smooth tobacco pipe of the same size, heat dissipation is increased.

Add to this the fact that a sandblasted pipe is less delicate than a smooth one, so it withstands minor bumps and taps better. 

Gifts for Those Who Crave New Flavors

Long-time vapors no longer enjoy new vape mods. Instead, they highly appreciate some new e-liquids with unique flavors and are top quality. From unique e juice flavors like rainbow candy and winter breeze to all-time favorites like mint or menthol, there are just so many ways to go with this gift. Take your pick from high-VG juices, nicotine salt e-liquids and organic e-juice and choose the perfect fit for your loved one!

If you feel like giving your friend a ‘high’ mouth-watering experience, THC Distillate Gold Vape Pen is something to consider. It comes in a variety of flavors- sweet tangerine, guava, peppermint, orange, cotton candy, and sour apple. These tangy flavors could make your taste buds go wild! In case you are wondering how to give one to your friend (and for yourself?), you can check out some of the online cannabis stores like Buy My Weed Online.

Gifts for Vapers Who Need New Batteries

A vaper can never have too many batteries. In fact, many smokers like to keep a few with themselves at all times, so they can have a fully charged battery wherever they are. To keep these vapers happy, give them an e-cig battery and watch their lives become easier as they won’t have to worry about charging their batteries anymore!