How to set and reset your private password in a Vidmate app?

Each one of us loves to watch videos in our leisure time. To watch and download videos has gone on to become considerably easy for people than ever before. Mobile developers have gone on to formulate numerous video downloader tools of date for the convenience of the users. Out of the lot one of the popular ones is Vidmate app free download. For all the Android platforms it is rated to be one of the popular apps. This app is one of the most sought out ones in the market and in order to watch the latest of the movies and songs you need to be connected to the web. For both the windows PC and your mobile phone this app is accessible. In the overall context it is a great app for steaming and downloading videos.

More about the Vidmate app

Till date Vidmate is rated to be the greatest downloader tool.  It enables you to watch any video or media files from any source of media on the internet. This tool can be availed on any platform in the form of Android, PC or even your laptops. Without paying a single penny you can download unlimited videos.

At a generic level Vidmate is one of the powerful and popular music and video downloading platform. It possessesunique and varied features that are going to be useful for a lot of people. Let us explore some of the notable features as illustrated below

  • The most notable feature of a Vidmate app is that you can go on to download as many videos at a single time
  • You can choose the files as per your needs. Once you go on to click the download button it is going to automatically download the files for you.
  • It is possible to watch live TV online
  • A simple and easy to use app like the other ones
  • It is a secure and a safe video downloader
  • The file can be downloaded in various formats
  • Extends support across all formats
  • This app is available free of cost
  • The downloader videos can be kept private as per your needs

The procedure to set and reset password when you are on Vidmate app

The chances are high that you might be confused on how to set and reset your password on your Vidmate app. If you are struggling for information the below guide will prove to be handy

  • On your device, you need to open Vidmate app
  • On the home page, click on my files
  • In the my files section, click on private access
  • You need to set the password and again re set to confirm
  • Some of the videos can be saved on to your private space
  •  If you are planning to reset the password go on to the Vidmate password settings
  • Then you would be able to reset the Vidmate password
  • Once the password is reset you need to again re-enter it.

By following the above mentioned steps you can set and again re set your password in a Vidmate app.