How to make a cool logo for running a business

How to make a cool logo for running a business

A logo is an essential component of any successful business. It should not contain any superfluous elements, ambiguity, or understatement. Thanks to the logo, a potential customer begins to form an impression of the product or services provided.

What is the role of logo in business?

It is necessary to understand that even the smallest business needs its own logo – a recognizable mark among other companies/brands.

With a logo, a company demonstrates its philosophy, values and advantages over its closest competitors. Studies have shown that more than 75% of customers decide to make a purchase because of the shape and color of the image;

A cool and bright logo always stays recognizable as the face of someone you like in a crowd of other people.

You can design and make a logo yourself, but will it attract attention? Of course, you can use the service of a professional designer, but this service will cost quite a lot. Therefore, the best solution will be a generator of logos “Turbologo”. With its help, you will get the right logo that will not only attract attention, but also stay in the memory of many customers.

Criteria for a cool logo

Simplicity. The logo should not be overloaded with a large number of different details. Not for nothing they say: “All beauty is in simplicity”, especially since minimalism is now more relevant than ever. Ask someone to draw the logo from memory. A simple logo will be easy to portray, even if a person has seen it once in his life;

Durability. As a rule, the logo for the business is developed once and for all. Therefore, before its creation, it is necessary to draw up a detailed business perspective;

Conformity. The logo should show customers what the company does. For example, if you open a flower store, green should dominate in its color palette;

Uniqueness. Logo should be as much different from the ones of your competitors. Otherwise, consumers will have difficulty identifying the company among others.