How to Efficiently Pack Up Your Bathroom For A Move

Packing is a tough job and you need to put in a lot of efforts. You need to be careful so that you pack the things in the right manner and remember how you have packed the things. Packing a bathroom is even more complex. So given below are ways suggested by top rated cross country movers on how to pack your bathroom.

Build a bathroom go-bag

Packing the bathroom is a complicated process. You can’t just put in everything into a few boxes, tape them up. Instead, you have to be a little more discerning about how you pack, and, if you can, be enduring. The bathroom is one that place which should be left for the end of your packing process. Everything else in your home you can frequently do without, but your bathroom essentials are exactly the most important thing. So, when the time comes to deal with your powder room, you should first set aside all of the items you’ll need to have access the days leading up to and right away after the move. Do remember to keep clean towels in that bag.

Keep your first aid kit handy

If you keep a first aid kit in your bathroom, just keep it there only. This is very important as while packing things and shifting them you might get hurt. So in that context, a first aid kit is the basic requirement. Do keep this in the bathroom bag for all the emergency purpose.

Declutter and purge

It is very important to check the expiry date of the products which are present in the bathroom. From your medicines to the makeup see which is of no use that is it has very little content or maybe they are nearly expired. So throw them away so that you pack the things in the right manner and you don’t carry extra bottles along.

Pack your liquid items with care

With all the commotion on moving day, your belongings may find out some jostling. Wrap all liquid or gel products in plastic wrap or plastic bags to avoid spillage as you pack and move. Any items that are unopened are fine, but anything you have used is a potential leak risk. So be very careful. You can always use free moving boxes to pack liquid items as they allow more protection to the bottles to stay upright.

Pack your fragile items with even more care

Many tend to have reasonably fragile items in their bathroom, from décor to glass perfume bottles and more. Luckily, you have the ideal packing materials along with you that is your bathroom towels and linens. You can use these softer items that will have to be packed anyway to wrap your more fragile items nestle them warm into a box.

Label everything

When you are getting ready to move, you need to understand that whatever you pack: label it. It’s essential, particularly for the bathroom. Write “fragile” on boxes that comprise of glass items and be sure you are precise with your lists of box contents. “Bathroom” isn’t descriptive enough when you are moving into a home with several numbers of bathrooms, so writing “shampoo, hairdryer, make up” on your boxes will be a better aid.

So, these are some great tips on packing the bathroom for a house move. Use these tips and make sure you pack your bathroom efficiently.