How Can A Hydrotherapy Pool Help Dogs?

It has been scientifically proven that swimming actually provides tons of benefits to the human body, apart from cooling off on a hot summer day. Surprisingly, the same is true for their canine buddies as well. Time spent in water can actually be highly beneficial for the dogs. For dogs, hydrotherapy usually consists of either swimming or walking in shallow water. Hydrotherapy does not only improve the overall fitness of a dog but also can help dogs with joint issues to a great extent. Apart from that, it can also be highly beneficial for improving the fitness of animal athletes and also aids in post-surgical recoveries.

When we talk just about general fitness, conditioning, and improving strength, hydrotherapy can be used for dogs’ round-the-year, throughout their lives, from as small as one year old. Moreover, hydrotherapy can actually be a saviour for dogs, who are used to walking and running in winters when the outdoors is all lined up with snow and ice. During these times, working out in a dog hydrotherapy pool can help these dogs to follow their daily routine and stay in shape, for a long and healthy life.

The buoyancy that is provided by the water is also very beneficial for dogs suffering from arthritis. Hydrotherapy can help relieve their pain to a great extent. Moreover, if your dog has not been moving much, it can lose a whole lot of muscles within a very short time span. One of the most beautiful parts about hydrotherapy is that dogs with a profound amount of muscle loss or even old dogs are easily capable of exercising within the water, without having to bear their very own weight. Water is surely denser than air, which allows the muscles of your dog to be worked out well, in a safe and secure non-weight bearing environment. Moreover, you can also get yourself a dog hydrotherapy pool, which can be used on a regular basis for dogs suffering from any of the conditions or for their general fitness as well.

However, if you are planning to add hydrotherapy to the daily regime of your dog, it is very important to consult the same with your vet. Different dogs may require different types of underwater activities, based on their size as well as body type. Therefore, consult a professional before starting off and gift your buddy with a completely exciting way of staying fit and healthy.