Hiring a free or a Paid Education Consultant

One of the most toughest decisions one makes in regard to education is deciding to study abroad. Now, this does not end ere and further goes on to selecting the correct country and further the best suited university or college. A lot of times our friends and family say that having a known should be the criteria, some say it’s the brand name, and several others advices come your way while you make the decision.

Hiring professional study abroad consultants become extremely important in such situations as they are the people that have all the necessary knowledge and experience in this field. It is this experience and guidance from the experts that you receive today, would make your career path in the future.

You could either pick a free consultant or even one that is paid. Each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Free Consultants:

In case of free consultants it gets easier to get admissions or rather the admission is almost sure shot.

  1. Just because the free consultants have tie ups with the universities the admission confirmations also come sooner as compared to others.
  2. Free consultants usually work with limited students and because of this they are the ones that take feedbacks and coordinate with the students.
  3. In case the consultant has a tie up with the university that you are applying to, there may be chances of you getting an application fee waiver.

Disadvantage of Free Consultants:

  1. One of the major disadvantages of applying through free consultants is that they offer admissions only to a very restricted number of universities.
  2. Some of the top universities are usually missing, so it offers the students only limited universities that may be either average or even sometimes below average.

Benefits of Paid Consultants:

  1. Although the admission in the universities are not guaranteed like in case of free consultants, but applying through a study abroad consultant usually gives an individual the opportunity to apply to the top universities.
  2. Your contract with them can be terminated at any given instance when you feel the services provided by them are not satisfactory.

Disadvantages of Paid consultants:

  1. The advantage of going through a paid consultant is maximised when the profile of the student is strong, in case that is not the case it does not lead to expected results.
  2. Since there are several students that are availing these services it is usually seen that the paid consultants don’t have enough time to interact with the students individually.
  3. As a student that has applied via a paid consultant, the student could apply to as many number of universities as they want, but even then the admissions are not guaranteed.

After going through all these points and analyzing them one should know that whether they go via study abroad consultants, what is most important is that one should have professional guidance. It is this guidance that they receive from the consultants that would help them achieve their final goals.