Great quality marble block importers in India

Gemstone Impex is the head in supplying superior quality natural stone that meets the requisite specifications for producing a quality finished product. Gemstone Impex prides itself on having only the finest in quality to decide on from. In addition to our unreserved natural stone line, Elite is proud to be the exclusive dispenser in the northeast of Italian quality. We are the industry organizer and marble block importers in providing the best quality material at ready for action prices. Only the finest grade of products is available at Gemstone Impex. 

When you pay money for from the source you will be able to decide actual Premium Slabs or if you decide to save more you will pay much fewer for lower grade materials. When you buy nearby, you are only being offered low quality slabs but paying for best. As per the existing Exim Policy, the imports of rough marble blocks are under the catalog of restricted items and EOUs are allowed to bring in rough marble blocks obligation free against 20% import duty plus 70% fine to be paid by other dispensation units. Taking the advantage, these EOUs are supposedly selling imported rough marble blocks in Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) by declaring such goods as complete slabs or polished tiles.

The marble tile stone end product tile has the beautiful facade of real marble and combines it with the unique physical properties of tiles. It is low-priced and allows for easy maintenance and color control, thus making this natural stone tile the most excellent choice for a wide range of chic hotels and houses. Marble Porcelain is an unbelievable, tough, and very durable product that makes an ideal floor outside. It is easy to live with, easy to clean and maintain, and will seem brilliant for many, many years. Plus, of course, porcelain also has many additional benefits like all ceramic tiles.

The Centre has set a floor price of $300 per tonne. However, the process of import of marble slabs in India can import it but the quota is set on past presentation of such units. The Rs 500 crore marble processing/ traders situated in and around Mumbai, Gujarat, Chennai are under facing solemn problems and we strongly feel that the Government should assume the examination of Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) sales under DRI supervision along with the execution of floor prices as valid to other importers, said Romy Chaddha, boss, Stone Art, a leading dealer of Italian marble.

The importers have choice of Kandla and ICD Udaipur for their operations and most important consignments land at regular intervals. Few shipments were diverted to Mumbai too. Explaining the scheme of duty evasion, the representative of Rajasthan Marble Manufacturers Association said that rough marble blocks are imported by such EOUs at rates underneath $160 per tonne against the fixed floor price of $300 per tonne. Since the tradition authorities were not concerned with such valuation, these EOUs show them as export of completed marble with little value addition.