Fun things to do in Medellin

Fun things to do in Medellin

The chilly, mountainous city of Medellin, affectionately known as the “City of the Eternal Spring,” is now regarded as one of Colombia’s top tourist destinations. Since the 1990s, it has witnessed an astounding turnaround. It was formerly rife with brutal gang fights and drug trafficking.

It is the second-largest city in the country and is situated in a long, narrow valley flanked by hills covered in pastures and forested mountains. The city, which has always been a significant hub for trade and industry, experienced a great deal of violence in the 1980s as different cartels and Pablo Escobar fought for supremacy.

Since then, it has effectively recovered and is now renowned for its hip, artistic neighborhoods and vibrant nightlife. Spirit airlines Reservations are one of the best options for booking flights.

Plaza Cisneros

The square, which dates to the 1920s, bears the name of the Cuban engineer Francisco Javier Cisneros, who built the illustrious Antioquia Railway. Although it is surrounded by a few lovely historic buildings, most visitors come for its towering columns of light.

The huge poles, which total 300 in number, and some of them soar up to 24 meters in height, are constructed of metal and concrete. They are quite the spectacle when grouped together, especially at night when they are illuminated. You can always visit adjacent attractions like Plaza Botero and the Palace of Culture after taking some pictures.

Palace of Culture

The spectacular and must-see Palace of Culture is about ten minute’s walk away on the other side of El Centro. Its distinctive design and striking black-and-white hues quickly draw attention since it is situated next to Plaza Botero.

Agustin Goovaerts, a Belgian architect, started it in 1925, but it wasn’t finished until 1982 after being left unfinished for many years. The palace’s expansive exterior, which almost resembles a checkerboard, exhibits some exquisite Gothic-style details.

Originally housing the administration division of the Government of Antioquia, it now houses an art gallery, a music library, a cafe, and a reading room. Spirit airlines reservations are a convenient option for booking flights and you can easily access the offers available through the portal.

Casa de la Memoria

The poignant Casa de la Memoria explores Colombia’s history of conflict since the 1950s and is a definite must-see. All of its melancholy displays, which are quite well done, shed light on drug cartels, the civil war, and other armed operations. A place for victims to tell their tales and remember the lives lost is provided by the museum.

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Its impressive concrete building complex and lush outdoor areas, which were only constructed in 2012, are located immediately southeast of El Centro. Inside, spectacular installations and artworks examine the nation’s lengthy history of paramilitary and drug-related bloodshed as well as the people’s ongoing fight for peace.

The stark reality of surviving in Medellin under the constant danger of violence is further highlighted by a large number of moving photographs and authentic artifacts. Spirit Airlines booking is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of booking.