Easy Maintenance Tips to Preserve Your Commerical HVAC Unit

Commercial maintenance doesn’t usually take up much of the company budget, that is until you have left your HVAC unit go unserviced. A total breakdown that needs to be repaired or replaced can eat away at your cash reserves or your budget. Rather than deal with unnecessary unit failure, the experts in commercial AC maintenance Corpus Christi companies use recommend the following maintenance tips.

1. Schedule Professional Maintenance Checks

Though your maintenance team may be looking at the unit for visible signs of wear and tear every few months, the entire unit should be checked out by HVAC experts at least once a year. For most companies, having it evaluated for heating and cooling efficiency before employees or customers notice a problem is a better solution than dealing with miserable working conditions and costly repair bills.

2. Change Out the Air Filters

The air filters are designed to trap dust and debris from entering the system and clogging the lines. Filter inspections should be a monthly occurrence, but some commercial environments have so much exposure to airborne particles that twice a week would be more effective. Hold up the filter near a strong light source, and if it is difficult to see the light, it is time to change.

3. Clean the Environment around the Unit

An HVAC system relies on a steady flow of air to supply the unit, and when you allow weeds or material to clog up the area around the unit, it can restrict the airflow. It may be necessary to trim around bushes or cut down some tree limbs to reduce a buildup of leaves near the unit. After cutting the grass, rake up the clippings to keep them from getting sucked into the system.

These are very easy steps that can be added to your general maintenance duties, but they will go a long way in preserving the efficiency and life of your commercial unit. This is money saved that can be poured back into the business.