E-commerce shipping services at Ezyslips

E-commerce is one of the most trusting services of the present youth. Nowadays, people are being so busy with their thing that they do not have sufficient time to visit stores and collect their products. This is the only reason being that people are dependent on e-commerce shipping solutions.

Ezyslips has proven out to be one of the best e-commerce shipping software for all the shipping services. All the services that are related to shipping are available under one roof.

There are so many reasons why Ezyslips is known to be as one of the best e-commerce shipping software. These are:

  • GST invoice in bulk
  • Shipping automation
  • Ezy accounting
  • Automate customers alert
  • Carrier integration
  • Generate shipping label in bulk
  • Courier reconciliation
  • Automate return
  • Telly integration
  • 3PL integration

These services are available at a single place, then why to rush for other software. Moreover, when it comes to the services there are so many other features that are assigned as well. Such as:

  • Tracking numbers are assigned, which makes it easy for the customer to track their orders.
  • Accounting has become so easy with Ezyslips.
  • Customer alerts are available that make a customer aware of all the activities regarding the product.
  • Shipping details are provided to the customer, once the order has been processed.
  • No need to stick to one channel for placing orders, as the facility of shipping is available on multiple channels.
  • Labels that create all the information regarding shipping and packing can be generated in bulk.
  • Automatic API generation is done along with all the leading companies.
  • Product codes are used to manage all the services related to GST and HSN.
  • Tax-wise reports including SGST, IGST and CGST can be generated on the monthly as well as weekly basis.
  • Invoices can also be generated in bulk.

Sometimes, a customer is worried about the process that is about to impose upon the product. Therefore from placing an order till it gets shipped, it includes all the information like date of packing, date of handing over to the courier and date of delivery. This makes it convenient for the customer to stay calm until the product gets delivered to their door-steps.

We often look at the reviews and brands that are in association with particular software. To look at the achievements and the brands that are totally in association with ezyslip, then take a look here:

  • Bookmypacket.com
  • Cover story
  • Decathlon
  • Fashion and you
  • M & S
  • R for Rabbit
  • Vamaship
  • Wonderchef and many more.

All these companies trust Ezyslips for all the e-commerce shipping solutions. Not only this, these companies trust us for a very long time. Serving with best is our only motive. This particular motive let us to serve our customers with the best and also make us efficient as well as reliable.

To trust software, it is necessary to look at the services provided. All the services provided by ezyslip are mentioned above. In any case, there is any query, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you. You can contact us through any of the means suitable to you.