Door Locks Are the Perfect Means to a Safe and Secure Home

Every kind of lock has been built differently and the chief parts that a door lock has are a bolt, box, cylinder, and strike plate. When you have a good understanding of the various parts which work together for making pull handle door locks, then you will be able to fix small issues yourself. Door handles are made out of various materials and some examples are white porcelain, brass, cut glass, brown mineral, Victorian bronze, and wood.

Different Types of Door Handle

  • Lever latch door handle – It is the most basic door handle which is commonly used on doors which you do not require locking, like the dining room or the living room. This comprises of a lever or handles on a back plate that when pushed down becomes the spindle that passes via the door allowing it to get opened.
  • Level lock door handle –It is similar to the lever latch but possesses a keyhole cut below the lever or handle for allowing a key for getting into the door for operating a sash lock. Commonly, this handle is used on a patio door or a back door or in an office door.
  • Bathroom door handle set – This kind of door handle has got a thumb turn that is at times, known as a turn plus release or release or a snib below the handle. This handle is usually used on toilets and bathrooms.
  • Privacy door handle – This door handle is ideal for usage on bathrooms or bedrooms and this set only needs a tubular latch.
  • Lever on rose door handle having tubular latch – The outside ring on the rose gets unscrewed for revealing many fixing holes. For added security and strength, the splined spindle passes via the latch and into each handle’s shaft and it is secured with a grub screw from underneath.
  • Lever on rose door handlescombined with keyhole escutcheon and sash lock – These sash locks are one of the best pull handle door locks and this sash lock possesses an 8mm square hole for accommodating the spindle meant for the handle that works the key hold and the latch below for taking the key that does its job on the lock.
  • Lever on the rose door handle that comes with bathroom lock – This is a unique piece of designer door handle that come from the house of the reputed pull handle manufacturers. The bathroom lock owns an 8mm square hole for accommodating the spindle meant for the handle that works the latch. Additionally, the 5mm square hole which remains below accommodates the spindle meant for turn and release that works the lock.

Kinds of Household Handles

The pull handle manufactures manufacture various kinds of household handles and they are:

  • Entrance – The entrance door handles are commonly used on the exterior doors and they include keyed cylinders.
  • Passage – The passage door handles don’t lock and they are ideal for closet or hall doors.
  • Privacy – These door handles are commonly used in bathrooms and bedrooms. They are lockable but don’t have keyed cylinders.
  • Dummy – These kinds are appropriate for ball catch doors plus other applications where a mechanism isn’t required but only a similar aesthetic effect.