Discover The Risky Effects Of Mixing Alcohol And Energy Drinks

Mixing alcohol with energy drinks is a common practice these days. Vodka with Red Bull is one of the most common examples. The mixture can be appealing in certain ways, as it increases the pleasure of alcohol, and the energy drinks can keep the energy level booming the whole night. So, for hard partiers and binge drinkers, such a combination is as good as it can get. As much as the pleasures associated with such a combo sound good, the negative effects are also in very high proportion.

This dangerous combo conflicts with the nervous system and can cause a frictional effect on it. Energy drinks tend to excite the body, while alcohol is responsible for the depressive effect. The energy drink keeps the body excited. So the intoxication of alcohol doesn’t feel much. Hence, one consumes more alcohol. The energy drinks keep the body excited while the alcohol consumption makes the body relaxed; such a mixed message can create confusion in the nervous system, and the result is impaired decision making. Moreover, once the effect of caffeine from energy drinks wear off, the body notices more alcohol effect.

Energy drinks contain ginseng and taurine, which are responsible for the energy one gets from such drinks, while alcohol has more depressant. The combo leads to a higher heart rate, rise in blood pressure and pulse. Prolonged consumption of such a combo can land the drinker into alcohol abuse treatment centers since it is very unhealthy and has adverse effects on the body.

Alcohol and energy drinks are highly responsible for dehydration. Now, if both the drinks are mixed together, the level of dehydration is unimaginable. More consumption of mixed drinks can lead to instant dehydration and have a severe effect on the body. Once the effect of the energy drink wears off, the alcohol kicks in, and the result is a severe hangover the next day. Water can play a vital role when consuming alcohol. Drinking an adequate amount of water can be very beneficial for a hangover, but the mixture of alcohol and energy drinks can have a severe hangover.

It also causes impaired decision and vision. The reasoning skills of an individual are highly affected because of such a combo, and they tend to do things that they might regret later on. Moreover, the eyesight is badly affected, and if they drive under such influence, they risk their lives as well as the lives of others. Addiction cases can be treated at alcohol addiction treatment facilities, and it becomes very necessary as it might be the place where such cases can be treated.

The aforementioned are just the initial level negative effects that the mixture of alcohol and energy drinks can have on the human body. The mixture of alcohol with energy drinks can result in binge drinking, hence making the person alcoholic. Regular consumers have a higher rate of cardiac arrest and heart failure, thus resulting in death. Both alcohol and energy drinks have their own purpose, and if they are consumed separately, they both can serve their purpose.