Common Travel Insurance Myths Busted

Common Travel Insurance Myths Busted

When travelling, you may encounter a variety of dangers throughout the route and on the trip. Travel insurance can be the financial safety net that protects you from the monetary consequences of these dangers.

If you are planning a vacation or business trip, you must understand international travel insurance. When researching which international travel insurance to purchase, you shall discover that various myths might be popular.

Sadly, these myths can frequently confuse and prevent you from making an informed choice. Some of these common myths get busted below:

Myth 1: Travel Insurance is useless because I will not lose anything overseas.

Reality – According to a Foreign Office report published in 2014, over 10,000 British passports were lost or stolen abroad. 

The unfortunate part is that anyone could fall prey to such crimes. It can be dangerous to believe that nothing could ever go wrong, regardless of how cautious you are. Occasionally, we get into trouble due to unforeseeable circumstances, and at times, our carelessness can also put us in a worrisome situation. 

So be aware of what your travel insurance does cover. Most common travel insurance plans cover emergency evacuation expenses (default travel insurance for flights back home), trip cancellation, medical expenses and loss or theft of baggage.

An all-inclusive travel insurance plan can give you an emergency cash allowance if your passport or luggage is stolen or lost, simplifying your vacation. You can check the premium online using any online travel insurance premium calculator

Myth 2: Since I have health insurance, I do not require travel insurance.

Reality – Most individuals consider having numerous policies unnecessary. However, it’s not true. If you already have health insurance, you may have a distinct edge. However, this insurance may not cover your overseas medical bills. An international travel insurance policy reimburses hospitalisation and treatment costs when you get sick and reduces anxiety. 

Some insurance providers additionally offer international hospitalisation with daily cash facility as well. Therefore, you can receive high-quality medical care and return home only once you fully recover.

Myth 3: Travel insurance covers risks related to adventure sports

Reality – Generally, travel insurance does not cover adventure sports. If you are considering an adventure trip, you can inquire about the coverage you may receive with your insurance provider. *

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Myth 4: I am travelling to a destination with travel warnings; nevertheless, I am not concerned because I have travel insurance.

Reality- Some international destinations have travel warnings issued. You may not get cover if you travel to any such destination and anything unpleasant occurs. Therefore, always check travel warnings to ensure safe travel.

Myth 5: I must purchase individual plans for each trip.

Reality- People commonly believe they must purchase separate travel insurance coverage for each family member. However, it’s not true. If you and your family travel frequently, you should purchase yearly coverage. Purchasing an annual travel insurance policy can not only save you some money but also time by eliminating the need to purchase policies repeatedly. *

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Don’t opt for a low-priced travel insurance plan. Instead, search for a good comprehensive international travel insurance plan without hesitation whenever you plan a vacation. International travel insurance protects against loss resulting from theft, delayed baggage, aeroplane delays, COVID-19 hospitalisation, and other unforeseen situations. 

Also, several countries have made travel insurance coverage essential for entry. *

* Standard T&C Apply

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