Briefing the Procedure of Tire Rotation

In the history of automotive repair and maintenance, tire rotation has always been a major preventive maintenance servicing for the vehicles. It is strongly been recommended by the auto experts, experienced mechanics and above all by each of the vehicle manufacturers.

What is Tire Rotation

An experienced mechanic serving the Rathdrum tire rotation center explained that the term ‘Tire Rotation’might sound confusing. People unaware of the vehicle terminologies might confuse with the physical rotation of wheels or tires, and anything alike. But actually it is the term used for the act wherein all the four tires of a vehicle, are interchanged with their positions. For example, the front tires could be now attached at the rear, and the rear ones coming to the front. Sometimes it could be the right side ones exchanged with the left side pair.

Why to Rotate the Tires?

This is the most common question of the novice car users. For them we attempt to explain it the most simple manner. When we drive or ride a vehicle, because of the uneven spread of the weight, the pressure to the tires also becomes uneven. As a result, while one or two of the tires become more worn out, other two might continue to stay healthy. All this have a tremendous effect on the vehicle body balance, making it difficult for the driver to maneuver the vehicle properly, and can increase the probability of a roll over. It is through tire rotation alone, that one can avoid such misfortunes.

How it is Done

In the process of tire rotation each of the four tires of a vehicle is compared to the other three based on the reading of its tread measurement. Then the position of the tires is interchanged, depending upon those readings and comparisons.

A  tire rotation session might also need to include tire inflation as well, if any of the tires are found to be underinflated.

If the mechanic notices wear at the center of the tire, then it will most likely need letting out the air from the tire, while any signs of wear at the edges will automatically need an inflation, wheel alignment, and also the adjustments of the suspension components as and when necessary.

In case the components of the suspension display signs of wear as well, which is commonly the result of a misaligned wheel, then the mechanic might suggest the replacement of that component too.

How Often

Tire rotation isn’t an everyday maintenance job. It has a definite interval. depending upon the vehicle type, age and condition of the tires, a tire rotation servicing can be determined. The mechanics of the center of tire rotation Rathdrum center informed that usually in the previous generation vehicles tire rotation was recommended once in every six months or after crossing every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. but the current generation vehicles with modern tire technology are delaying the process to a significant level. They suggest all the car owners to strictly follow the interval as suggested by their manufacturers through their user manual, and nothing else.