Best Time to Visit Triund for Trekking

Triund is one of the most popular trekking destinations in the Himalayas. Most of the people visiting Dharamshala and McLeodganj do the Triund trek without fail. It has kind of become a ritual for tourists to undertake the Trind Trek. With this the question pops up in the mind of first time trekkers that what probably is the best time to visit Triund. Though the trail to Triund Top is properly marked and the climb is moderate, it is still advisable to book Triund trek package through a reputable agency. The reason being that the weather in the Himalayas is very unpredictable and only the locals employed by the trekking agencies have the knowledge and experience to deal with such situations.

All that taken care of, Triund trek is considered as an evergreen trek and can be done all year round expect for the monsoon and heavy snowfall months. Apart from these two time periods, the weather in Triund is clear and perfect for your trekking opportunities. The good weather makes camping at night possible in addition to the mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets you get to witness.

Best Time:

  • March-May

March to May is considered as the best time to visit Triund owing to the spring season and clear weather. The whole place bursts into a cacophony of colours of different flowers. But considering how it is the best time it sees a lot of tourist footfall during this period and you might not get the much needed privacy if you want.

  • September- November

A bit colder than the summers but still a good time to trek owing to the good weather. It is also very less crowded during this time and you is a good option for people who seek privacy to contemplate their life while on the trek. The prices of commodities like food and accommodation are also low because of it being the off season. It is also the perfect time for higher treks from Triund Top like Lahesh Caves and Indrahar Pass.

  • December to January

Though the climatic conditions are harsh during this time, it is a good opportunity for people who wish to see snow during their treks. The trek is mostly closed in February due to heavy snowfall.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Always book your Triund Trek Package through a registered and reputed travel agency.
  2. Carry warm clothes irrespective of the weather you are travelling.
  3. Carry a general medical kid as well as your usual medicines that you take.
  4. Good Trekking shoes are a must.
  5. Carry raingear even if you are not travelling during monsoon since the weather in the hills is very unpredictable.
  6. Make sure all the permits are properly procured to do the trek so that you don’t get into any legal trouble.
  7. Make sure to carry spare batteries if carrying a digital camera.

We hope this article was helpful for you in deciding what is the best time for you to visit the Triund top.