Best Quality Features of a Plastic Card Mailer

There are several factors to consider when looking for the best plastic card mailer. These factors include cost, durability, weight, and shiny surface. Here, we will outline what you should look for in a quality product. Then, weigh your options carefully and choose the best one for your business. Once you’ve decided on these factors, you’re ready to make your selection. Read on to learn about the best plastic card mailer available today.


The plastic card mailer is a great way to build brand awareness and generate quality leads for your business. Like traditional postcards, plastic card mailers are also more durable than paper postcards, ensuring that your marketing materials get more attention from consumers. They are also more likely to survive postal equipment. That’s important if you’re looking to launch a marketing campaign or client acquisition program. However, the durability of plastic postcard mailers is not the only factor that should be considered.

Another benefit of a plastic postcard is its design and color. They can feature translucent design elements, which make them stand out from ordinary paper mailers. The vibrant colors of plastic cards can make your marketing campaign more appealing to recipients than paper postcards. In addition, they’re easier to open and keep safe than regular paper mail. Moreover, they can be personalized and addressed with a unique logo or message. Aside from being durable, plastic postcards can be personalized and are more eye-catching than paper prints.


Many Health and Wellness groups use Plastic Post Card Mailers to advertise and promote their business. These mailers provide cost-effective advertising for these groups and help retain their existing customers. Plastic Post Card Mailers with breakaway key tags are among the most popular mailers for these businesses. They feature motivational offers and conveniently pop out onto key chains. You can include embedded incentives on these plastic cards to maximize their effectiveness. However, if you are concerned with the weight of your mailer, consider a manual version.

Shiny Surface

The shiny surface of a plastic card mailer can be a potent marketing tool for home services. If you provide home remodeling, interior decorating, or garage services, a laminated postcard will help you attract and retain new customers. You can use high-quality lettering to make your brand memorable and easy to recall. Use the best type of paper and lettering to get the most out of a laminated postcard.


Few tools have proven to have a better ROI regarding direct mail marketing than a plastic postcard mailer. These marketing instruments can be used for various purposes, including client acquisition programs and marketing campaigns. With the low cost of plastic postcards, these mailings are an intelligent choice for many industries. Here are three reasons why:

The first reason is simple: plastic postcard mailers can be printed on eco-friendly Teslin paper. Additionally, they can include variable data, a signature panel, a scratch-off card, or a hole or slot. These products also offer plenty of customization options, including logos and artwork. This type of direct mail piece is also easy to promote. If you want to send out many plastic postcard mailers to increase sales, consider a ValCards product.


When you want to increase your sales, consider plastic postcard mailers as an effective way to reach customers. Plastic postcards stand out from other types of direct mail and are often retained for future reference. These mailers are usually designed with pop-out cards as enticements or Calls to Action. You can also include membership cards or gift cards with your mailings. These postcards are among the most versatile marketing tools available.

Plastic postcard mailers are customer-focused and generate an exceptional response rate. Because they are mailed directly to your targeted consumers, they ensure greater security for the card. In addition, magnetic stripe encoding ensures that your mail reaches its destination. Some consumers argue that printed advertising is superior to digital, but there are plenty of reasons to use both direct mail methods. Plastic postcard mailers are considered the best choice for various purposes, including marketing campaigns and client acquisition programs.