Best Platforms For Virtual Events

It is true that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Even though virtual event platforms have been there for a long time, they started gaining popularity during the pandemic. Technology came to the rescue and made sure that the world does not come to a standstill by holding all the necessary events on the virtual platforms giving the similar vibes of a live event.

All marketers and business owners are always looking for the best platforms to hold their virtual events. The best part is that there are plenty of options available in the market, but the challenge is to choose the one that best caters to their requirements. To help you make the best choice, we have listed the best platforms where you can host your virtual event and make it a great success:-


It is one of the trusted and most popular platforms for hosting events virtually. From conferences, trade events, and everything in between, you can host all sorts of events on iVent, using its advanced features. You get live event support from the team to help you if an issue arises during the event. There are various data and analytics tools using which you can monitor and analyze the success of your event.


This platform hosts music concerts, corporate events, and much more. One can use its features to register the guests, issue tickets, stream the event live, and beyond. It also lets you host a private event with personal one-to-one video breakout rooms. The best part is that they give social media feed integration, using which you can live stream the event on different platforms at one time.


Airmeet offers an easy-to-use user interface for both hosts and event attendees. They integrate with strips to let you sell your tickets online and have seamless social media feed integration to stream the event live on virtual platforms, like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. You can host an event with 100k attendees on this platform, and they accept over 300 sponsors.


It is a platform that got maximum popularity during the pandemic. From corporate groups to educational institutes, everyone used it to host their virtual events. It helped keep the work on track and keep the world connected. The webinar kind of events can be efficiently conducted on zoom using its open microphone and breakout room functionality. If you need to segregate the audience, you can divide them into different groups and manage the event quite well.

There are plenty of other options available for hosting successful events on a virtual platform. You can choose from the names we have listed above or do your own extensive research and find the platform that works for you. Finding the right virtual platform is like half the job done as its advanced features can help turn your event into a big success with the least effort.

So,  if you are a marketer planning to host an event digitally, go ahead, pick any platform from the list above and enjoy the seamless experience.