Best Food Labels

Labels help to identify a brand. There are numerous similar products in the market, but the labels are the elements that help to distinguish one brand from the other. This is true for the food industry as well. With the increase in online shopping, there has been an increase in shipping labels. There are various label designs that become popular in the market and used by different food-producing companies, including restaurants.

In this article, we will discuss some good label design ideas as follows:-

Die-cuts Shape

Remember that all food labels are die-cuts, but not all brands utilize a custom die. A perfect label should be durable, less likely to peel, and must have a shelf appeal. You can show your design to the label makers and they would perfectly carve out a label shape that would fit your design. With various printing techniques, you can think about using die-cut labels for all types of products and purposes.

2D Artwork

The flat illustration is a popular choice when it comes to food labels due to its simplicity. It has a minimalist approach which looks very classy when applied to a bottle. They are versatile and can easily depict different types of brands. They are very easy to print, no matter what the packaging medium is.

Loud Design

It is important that your label design should stand out when compared to your competitors. Thus, you should try to not make it a dull or a boring one. Go for bold colours and concentrate on intricate details. You can also use some statement typography to show your creativity. Go for unique ideas like diagonal stripes that would grab the attention of your customers.

See-Through Labels

The see-through labels can also be a great choice for beverage brands. It would also help to ensure that the people would notice your products. People these days have become quite conscious about the things they are eating, the see-through labels help them to gain that transparency.

Labels Made With Sustainable Materials

Consumers are becoming more conscious about the environment with each passing day. This means they are focusing on what environmental impact a given brand has. More and more customers are now agreeing to pay more so as to get sustainable packaging. And thus, companies should also shift their focus on them.

Contrasting Palettes

Choosing the right color combination is yet another thing that you should focus on while designing labels for your brand. The right colors would have positive impacts on your customers and hence choosing them properly is indeed a crucial decision.

These are some of the best label ideas for the food industry that you can consider. Trends might change every year, but these designs are long-lasting and they have proved to have an impact on the target audience. Spend some time understanding the preferences of your customer base.