AI, Voice Search and Virtual Assistants: Future of Digital Marketing

No matter which decade we are in, digital marketers will always look for something new. Artificial Intelligence has already significantly dominated the world of technology as it is efficiently managing several tasks. It is poised to have bigger impacts that are beyond expectations. From the perspective of a brand, if you are yet to taste the sweetness of AI then you are falling behind. Don’t make the mistake of lagging behind and have a look at the best examples of how humans and technology are shaking hands together to do miracles. 

Chatbots and Conversational AI

There are robots that carry out a conversation. There is nothing new about it as they are very old and were introduced way back. Moreover, they have outgrown and have taken many forms. Right from Jeston’s robotic maid Rosie to Bender the boozing bot to Futurama Fame. You will find them in several distinct forms. 

Although all these were just fictional characters of some of our favourite TV shows.

Technology has never introduced a robot that has the ability to think, reason or react. Ohh wait, recently it did!

You must have come across Siri, the virtual assistant, and Alexa the customer-service chatbot. All of them are becoming indistinguishable from the real thing and are observed to become smarter and incredibly responsive by interacting more. Our everyday data is predicted by the system. This data is then crunched to figure out what is needed by a prospect. The needs are then catered to and delivered promptly. 

How voice search affects results?

2020 will account for most of the voice search queries. It is one of the most innovative creations. There is a significant aspect that distinguishes voice search from the traditional search. 

Short term keywords no longer prevail in the market and now people are searching more by dictating their queries either on phone or on search results. When we speak we tend to say more just so to get the most appropriate search results. This is done to get options that are more specific and so we hope to get better results. As a result, digital marketers are into voice search optimization to reap maximum benefits from this latest advancements in digital world.

Image Source: primehousemedia

There are people who complain that their search out loud queries are not working. They were getting better results when the queries were keyed in. The reason is that there are companies who have not yet adopted these strategies for better results. It is essential for them to work on integrating natural languages more and long-tail configured keywords in their search strategies. 

Data and Content are related

We can know more about our customers with the help of numerous tools available nowadays. You can easily out data that will work for your brand by creating customer personas. You can also choose to tailor content using AI and machine learning to fine-tune your articles on the way forward. 

Hence data will not replace content, neither will machine learning for predictive analysis. It is just that a combination of several resources can be used effectively to deliver the best. Digital Marketing understands that no talent or trend is an island and one thing is never enough to obtain great results.