It is said that to survive in this world few things are essentials i.e air, water, food, shelter, cloths etc but in this fast moving world there is addition of one more thing in this list i.e Smart mobile phones. Everybody in this world are so dependent on these mobiles phones that people can’t imagine one single day without it.These devices have changed the way of living our lives and have totally transformed the business systems with increased convenience. These smarts phones are providing us with lot of services like we can book tickets on it for travelling or entertainment purposes, we can order food on it, net banking facilities are available on it, many more. These are possible because of mobility service providers.

The mobility has led to easy flow of services and goods, anywhere and anytime. As we all know that the working hours in today’s world are not restricted to 9 to 5.  Many organizations have realized the importance of the mobility services as it helps in more customer satisfaction and the works are done more efficiently. So these mobility service providers help to carry out all the activities even after the normal working hours. It has a magnificent scope in the banking sector. The bank services are being provided on the smart phones. You can use these services by installing the application of the bank. And it will make everything very easy for you. It has enhanced customer’s centricity and business growth. By using these services people don’t need tostand in the long queues of the banks. Following are the advantages of this latest technology:

  • Greater portability
  • Seamless information sharing
  • Paperless workflow
  • Boosting user satisfaction
  • Rapid availability
  • Boosting user satisfaction
  • Cost and time saving

There are many advanced mobility solution providers for banking framework. These provides a strong foundations-to start up mobile initiatives. These includes:

  • A mobile banking framework with basic capabilities.
  • A mobile payments framework which includes Easy payand enabling customers to pay by scanning a bar code at sale devices.
  • There is single customer view which provides a single view of all financial holdings and give suggestions based on the risk profile.
  • Social banking demo provides real-time mobile services enabled e-Commerce platform.

These mobility services also provide Mobility road map which helps you to find out the four stages. These are:

  • The basic level is to provide the mobile services in a coordinated way, and engage them in these services.
  • The highest level is to delight customers by using analytics to predict their customer’s needs. The banks provide offers according to the demand in the market.

The banking institutions who provide mobility services have greater chance of getting projects from the other companies. Though these services have made the work very easy but there are many loop holes in it as well. There are many fraud cases emerging due to increase in these facilities. Many hackers hack these service provider sites and take the confidential information about the customers. This information make them easy to hack their bank accounts.