5 Very Addictive Mobile Games in 2021

How do you characterize a game as “addictive”?

It’s a difficult question, right? In case you don’t have an answer, let us do the honors.

Generally, these games are the ones that don’t consume a lot of time to play. In addition, they also provide the players with some kind of a challenge. This challenge usually becomes so tough that they become determined to excel in the challenge!

Whether it be becoming a pro at the game or trying to search for the highest score possible, an addicting game can draw in the players for hours even without realizing that they are knee-deep into the game!

Considering that, we have made a list of some of the most competitive and addictive games. This list is going to include the games only which are highly addictive.

Now, while these games are very addictive, there are many other addicting games that you can play for hours and hours!

So, with that piece of information, let’s begin by mentioning some of the most addictive mobile games that you can play in 2021!

1.   Alto’s Odyssey

Followed by Alto’s adventure, Alto’s Odyssey happens to be one of the most addictive games that one can play on their mobile.

What makes this game so addictive is its arcade storyline and amazing theme. In this game, the user will find their character skiing down a massive hill and try out different tricks.

That’s the whole concept of the game. However, in this game, there are different obstacles, various environments, and different collectibles.

Coming with beautiful colors and simple mechanics, this game is never going to get old!

2.   Spider Solitaire

This Solitaire game by MobilityWare is one of the most addictive games available on the list today.

While this game may look like the standard version of solitaire, but this game is actually spider solitaire! In this game, you will have to play different solitaire levels. You will find different challenges that you will have to complete on a daily basis!

You will need to use your genius to implement various strategies to beat the game. So, you will always need to stay active and sharp when playing this game.

Knowing all that, this game is a perfectly addictive game to play in breaks or time-outs.

3.   Crossy Road

What makes this game so addictive is the simplicity of this game!

This game happens to be one of the most addictive games which is the generation’s version of the frogger.

In this game, the player will be playing the game as a chicken. Your role is to help the chicken cross the roads and streams as you avoid the cars and avoid drowning in the water.

Moreover, this game comes with very simplistic gameplay which plays a significant part in making the game addictive. You can play this game online or as a local multiplayer.

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4.   Cytus II

If you are into rhythm games, this is one of the best options available for you. This game is one of the most addictive ones considering the mechanism of this game.

In this game, the player will need to find a variety of tao and swipe mechanics paired with anime and j-pop themes. The free version of this game is going to include a considerable number of tracks. However, if you find the game addictive, you can unlock even more levels as you pay real-world money!

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to spend money, the free version does a good job as it is.

5.   Duet

Last but not least, the duet is also one of the most attractive games that we have on the list today!

The secret to its addictiveness lies in the simplicity of the game. In this game, the player will be controlling two different paintballs. The player will have to avoid the falling platforms. In case the player comes in contact with the falling platforms, the game is over!

The free version of this game comes with a campaign mode. The campaign mode includes various levels. As the player progresses throughout the game, the difficulty keeps increasing.

Nevertheless, if you can’t seem to get enough of duet, then you must consider getting the paid version. The paid version costs only $2.99 and comes with many more interesting modes!

Final Words

Mobile gaming has seen a huge improvement over the course of many years. Fast forward to today, there are many mobile games that come with stellar graphics and solid gameplay!

Such aspects of these games are what make them so interesting. Knowing that these games come with great graphics and smooth gameplay, it’s safe to say that these games are the most addictive games available for you to enjoy.

It’s also safe to say that a person cannot wrong with choosing these games! However, if you think that we have left an option off the list, be sure to leave your favorite game down in the comment section below.

Additionally, you can always go to your respective app stores to find out games that tickle your pickle https://www.androidauthority.com/most-addictive-games-for-android-668316/