5 Processes Your Small Business Should Outsource

Some tasks are necessary for your business to grow, but they may not need to be done by your company. Outsourcing allows you to trust important jobs to talented professionals outside your firm. It can free you up to focus on your strengths and get more done. Here are five tasks commonly outsourced by small and medium-sized firms.

Human Resources

Human resource matters can seem like a legal and regulatory land mine, from hiring to training to managing benefits. Hiring can be especially challenging. To help you get the right employees on board, have a background check company investigate candidates before you make a job offer.


Reaching new customers is crucial to growing your business, but staying on top of market trends can be a full-time job.  You may lack the time to engage in social media and monitor your firm’s web presence. You may not possess a knack for creating new marketing strategies and designing ads. Outsource your marketing to imaginative, talented, experienced professionals.

Information Technology

Many small companies do not even try to maintain an in-house IT department because they do not need full-time employees available at all times. However, it is essential to get the proper hardware, software, apps and technical support in place. As your business grows, your systems need to adapt as well. If IT problems are starting to thwart your firm’s progress, it may be time to outsource.


Managing money requires certain knowledge and skills. Every penny counts for a small business on a tight budget, but documenting where every penny goes can be difficult. If calculating depreciation and staying on top of tax mandates does not excite you, get someone else to do the accounting for you.

Logistics, Shipping

Third-party shippers, warehouses and fulfillment centers can increase your efficiency and improve delivery speeds. Using contractors familiar with foreign markets can reduce hassles and expenses while expanding your reach to clients who would otherwise remain off-limits. When you partner with a reliable logistics provider, their expertise can help you grow.