5 HVAC Ductwork Design Challenges

Of the many decisions to be made during an interior remodel, the impacts of an underachieving air conditioning duct system are often overlooked until it is too late. That is why it is important to consult an HVAC expert early in the design process.

Material choice is also an important consideration for HVAC ducts. Although some are made of fiberglass, professionally engineered steel ducts can be shaped at metals specialty shops along with stainless steel fabrication Houston.

Research by the US Energy Information Administration found that the average residential HVAC system rises to just 60 percent efficiency. When warmed or conditioned air does not move freely or does not reach all rooms, the result is uneven temperature and increased expense.

Deficient Design

Often the design deficiencies in HVAC ductwork can result in poor room air quality including dust and pollutants or unbalanced airflow with doors closing by themselves and increased background noise.

  1. Undersize: An HVAC duct system that does not take into account the heating and cooling requirements of different rooms or capacity of the heat and AC unit will not deliver satisfactory results.
  2. Long Runs: The room furthest from the HVAC unit does not receive adequate heating and cooling.
  3. Around the Bend: Ducts that include too many turns or turns that are too sharp can impede airflow.
  4. Leakage: Ducts that are improperly installed or not supported sufficiently can develop leaks allowing conditioned air to escape before reaching the room.
  5. Unhappy Returns: Without sufficient air return ducts, an HVAC system cannot deliver a balanced airflow.

Considerations include location of the HVAC unit and the duct materials, heating and cooling loads of the rooms to be supplied and the capacity requirements of different heating and cooling systems such as heat pumps and of high-performance air filtration accessories.

By working with an HVAC duct design specialist, many of the problems of an improperly re-designed heating and cooling system can be eliminated.