3 Reasons It’s Healthy To Enjoy Yourself

How often do you actually enjoy yourself? You might think that it’s quite a lot, but when you really drill down into the numbers and compare how many hours you work, worry about things in life, and perhaps even sleep, you’ll see you’re not enjoying yourself as much as you might think or hope. You might not be enjoying yourself as much as you might need. This is a key thing to remember; it’s healthy to enjoy yourself and have fun in life, and therefore, just like you need to make time for exercise and eating well, you also need to find time to enjoy yourself. Read on to find out more.

You’ll Get An Endorphin Boost

When you’re enjoying yourself in whatever way is good for you, whether that’s playing a sport, going out for the evening in the company of Bedford Escorts, cooking a great meal, or searching for something new for your collection – among many other things – your body will release endorphins.

Endorphins in the blood send messages to the brain to say you’re happy and healthy and that everything is good. When that happens, you’ll feel happier and healthier and know that everything is good. These neurotransmitters are crucial if you want to have a more positive outlook, and ensuring you take the time to do something fun means they’ll be sending the right messages to the brain more often.

You Can Bond With Friends And Family

When we’re busy, which is one of the reasons why we don’t always find time to enjoy ourselves even though we should, it’s easy to neglect friends and family. It’s not intentional most of the time, but it still happens without us realizing it.

When you make the time to have fun and enjoy yourself, you can also make the time to spend time with the people you love and bond more with them. This will make the experience even better, and it will become a wonderful memory as well as something that makes you happier and healthier in the moment.

You’ll De-Stress

While there is nothing wrong with living a busy life per se, and many would argue that it’s better to be busy than bored, there has to be a balance. This is why the work-life balance exists; it’s the idea that people need to work for a living but ensure they also live their lives. One of the issues with being busy – or too busy and never taking the breaks or time out that would be beneficial for you – is stress. Too long without any relaxation means that stress can build up and become chronic, and when that happens, the body and brain are never able to rest, which means they never get a chance to recover from injury, both physical and mental. You’ll have too much of the hormone cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body and not as much serotonin (the happy hormone) as you need. By taking some time to enjoy yourself, you can reduce your stress levels and relax more, which is clearly better for you.