3 Backyard Games You Can Play Indoors on Rainy or Snowy Days

Throughout the warm days of spring, summer and into autumn, families get together to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun. They wait all winter long for the days when they can get out from a stuffy home that has been closed up tightly to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Now that they can finally get outside, it’s time to take out all the backyard games that have been tucked away for months. However, is there really any reason not to enjoy some of those backyard games right inside the house? If you choose the right games, you can enjoy them all year long, inside or out!

1. Cornhole

Cornhole is an interesting game and one that can easily be played indoors as well as outside. The object is to toss a small beanbag through the hole in a slanted board. The hole is just big enough to accommodate the size of the bag.Technically, the court should be between 8 and 10 feet wide and the length between 40 and 45 feet with a cornhole board on each end. However, for indoor use, many people use a half court of about 20 to 25 feet with opponents taking turns on the court. For those who really enjoy the game, there are Personalized Cornhole Bags which can be ordered online. They can be inscribed with initials, team or family names. Each ‘team’ would have differentpersonalizations.

2. Tennis

Actually, authentic regulation tennis can only be played outdoors unless you have a huge basement in which to play. With that said, there is a variation for tennis lovers to play indoors and you have probably heard of this action-packed, fun-filled game, table tennis. It works much the same but instead of rackets you will use paddles and the balls will be lighter weight. The net is strung across the table and again, the rules are similar for plays. No, it doesn’t take the skill or athletic level as tennis, but it will still keep you hopping!

3. Golf

You obviously can’t play golf indoors but you can get a putting mat or a putting green which is similar except it has tiny ‘hills’ the ball must go over. These are similar to bumps you would find naturally on the green and the surface is made with artificial turf. Some golf lovers even make their own little indoor miniature golf course as shown in this YouTube video. It isn’t the same as getting out on the green with your golf buddies, but it’s great for someone who wants to perfect their putting technique and get a bit of the feel of the clubs in their hands.

Even on rainy days of spring and summer, you can enjoy some of the best aspects of your favorite backyard games. It won’t be quite the same but imagine how much fun it will finally be when you can create a regulation size cornhole court in your backyard. Until then, keep the fun going inside and by the time you move outdoors, you’ll be scoring points left and right!