10 Stages to Get a Business Loan That you Must Know

For every emerging company, business loans are a great way of getting finance for their expenses and growth. The infusion of cash helps the company move forward positively. Applying for a business loan is not a complicated process, but you need to take care of some essential factors to ensure your chances of success. Your business funding can get more straightforward if you opt for a lender that focuses on SMEs.

Today, many lenders provide business finance with easy access loans to grow SMEs. Considering these factors can maximize the profitability and give benefits that you can derive from your loan. So, check now if you are eligible for a business loan in India. Below are the stages to get a business loan. 

Stages to Get a Business Loan:

1. Why do you require a business loan?

The lenders always want to know the objectives of a company before lending loans. They want to minimize risks. So, this might be the first question that you are going to face. Prepare yourself to answer this question. Business loans are provided for a variety of purposes, like equipment, inventory, furniture, supplies, and working capital. The nature of your loan might depend on your requirements.

2. What is your loan tenure?

You need to make a business plan and project the time for which you will require support financially. You can decide the tenure duration accordingly. You can use a business loan EMI calculator to know how much you can pay back by monthly EMIs in the tenure.

3. What are the common lending options available?

You need to figure out the best business loan option. A variety of lenders, like national and local banks, micro-lenders, and credit unions provide business loans. You can opt to take a personal loan, or crowd-funding as a smart alternative.

4. What is your credit score?

After deciding the type of loan you require, you need to check if you are eligible for it. The personal credit score of the business owner and the business credit score are generally taken into consideration together by the lenders.

5. What are your business goals?

The goal of the company is essential in getting your loan application approved. You should know your target market and product and have a clear idea about the services you are going to offer.

6. How much credit is needed for your business?

You need to know the capital requirement for your company as money is the lifeline of any business in India. 

7. What actions do you need to implement?

After setting up a goal, you need to classify it into stages that can help you achieve your goal. To target a specific market, you need to have sufficient resources, and you need to initiate marketing programs.

8. Update your business plan

To make better odds of qualifying for the loan, you need to have a detailed business plan. Your business plan describes your vision and makes the lender get a clear picture of your ideas. You need to illustrate your mission through a roadmap for achieving goals. Your financial reports provide a complete analysis of your accomplishments.

9. Apply for loan

Collect the required documents and fill the application form to apply for the loan. You need to be prepared with documents as the lenders may ask for additional details if needed.

10. Wait and re-assess if required:

Allow the process of your application complete. It might take some days or a few weeks to complete the process. If your application gets rejected, re-assess and improve your odds before reapplying for a loan.


To get the best business loan, invest your time in making better odds. Make a proper business plan and have the complete business loan documents with details is a plus point for the borrowers. Lenders believe that having a comprehensive plan for the future provides better chances of success. You can check your monthly EMIs by using a business loan EMI calculator.