Why opt for a higher sum insured in your health insurance plan?

People today are aware of the need to secure the future as well as the health inorder to lead a happy life. As people understand the need to have a good health insurance plan, the different insurance firms also come up with multiple options in health insurance plans. The greater choice helps to cover greater target audience. The different health insurance plans are designed to cover varied affordability ranges and diverse needs of the insurance buyers. This is the reason why there are plans with smaller sum insured as well as those with huge sum insured. The choice is not easy and the buyers often get confused which to pick.

Here we try to help you understand why opt for higher sum insured on health insurance plan. Read along and get enlightened:

Greater Sum Assured, Greater the Security

Most of us have set aside money for children’s education, schooling, parent’s oldage and other priorities in the family. As soon as some crisis arises, such as a medical expense, we instantly tend to break the funds set aside for other needs to tackle the crisis. This is surely a very wrong approach. We need to buy health insurance plans that provide enough cover to handle all sorts of health crisis.

Look for the different options available. Go for a reliable insurance company and check out the plans they have on offer. Look for something that not just covers individual health issues but also has a combined plan for the family. You need to compare the premiers and the sum assured in each case before deciding which is best for you.

Top Up Plans Simplify the Process

Many times, when you plan to buy health insurance plans, your affordability may come in the way. It is easy to say that one must buy the plan with the highest sum assured but these are also the plans that make you pay the highest premium. Now, that is a crisis so how do you deal with it? Simple! Go for top up plans that simplify the whole process and assure you a greater sum at the end of the term with a small top up without digging a hole into your pocket.

Different Health Insurance Plans by Future Generali

Future Generali has remained in the insurance industry for long. They have come up with many health insurance plans in different budget ranges to suit the different buyers. The Health Total Mediclaim Policy comes with attractive easy instalment facility. The plan comes in three types: The Vital Plan, The Superior Plan and the Premiere Plan. The minimum policy term may either be one year or three years. The sum assured and the premium amount varies in each case.

You can supplement an existing health insurance plan with a Top Up Plan. If you are looking for a cover for the entire family, you may go for a Family Floater Plan. Take time and analyse the options at Future Generali. Here you will surely find a medical plan to suit your medical needs.