Ways to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus If You Have HIV

We all know that Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day throughout the world. Besides, people across the world are so scared looking at the increasing trend of Coronavirus cases. Coronavirus can attack people from any age group. However, the symptoms and infection can be more severe in some people. Who are at greater risk? Is this your question? Have a look below to find the answer to your question.

  • Older adults are generally at a greater risk for Covid-19. People who are above 50 or older can become severely ill because of Coronavirus. This may lead to death as well sometimes.
  • People with health issues are also at high risk for Covid-19. People with serious health issues like HIV, Cancer, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes should be very careful in order to protect themselves from this deadly Coronavirus.
  • Pregnant ladies are also at greater risk. Coronavirus infection can lead to miscarriage and other complications in pregnant women.

The main reason behind this is their weak immune system. As people get old their immune system becomes weak. Besides, people with severe health issues like HIV, Cancer and etc will have a very weak immune system.

Coronavirus Infection Prevention in HIV Patients

A lot of HIV patients smoke and drink alcohol. This can put their life in danger. Alcohol and smoking can damage their immune system in a very bad way. Besides, we all know that smoking can damage lungs. Remember that, weak immune system means higher risk of Covid-19 infection. HIV patients generally experience severe illness if they get infected with Coronavirus and this may lead to death as well.

Hence, you have to make sure that you don’t drink and smoke. HIV patients should make sure that they stay at their home strictly. They should strictly follow social distancing. Wearing a face mask is also important. You should wear effective face masks like KN95 masks to save yourself from this Covid-19 infection. Buy KN95 mask immediately to save your life. Where shall I buy these KN95 masks? Is this your question now?

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 How should you make your immune system strong?

You should eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits daily to make your immune system strong. Include yogurt and milk in your daily diet. Spend at least one hour doing meditation daily. It might sound quite surprising to you, but meditation can do miracles on your body. Doing yoga can also help you in making your immune system strong. Some of the effective yoga poses, which can strengthen your immune system include Sphinx Pose, Eagle Pose and Triangle Pose.

Stay safe at home by following the above tips!