Vaccines during the tenure of pregnancy

Vaccination is termed as a shot in the form of a vaccine. This is basically a form of medicine which protects you against various types of diseases. Even before you are pregnant check out whether vaccinations are in order. Do discuss with your health care provider the vaccinations which are safe to be had during pregnancy.

Vaccines in pregnant chart depict the vaccines to be had before and after pregnancy. From this chart you can have a precise indicator on what to expect from the vaccines in the first place. Before opting for any vaccine do discuss with your health care provider if you have any history of allergies. This could be a red swelling or something sensitive to touch. Some vaccines may be allergic to eggs. For example if you are allergic to eggs, the doctor may prescribe the kind of vaccines which are safe for you. In fact the vaccines have to be provided at hospitals so that any treatment can be administered quickly.

The vaccinations you need to opt before pregnancy

The moment thought of pregnancy strikes you avail a pre conception check-up. This ensures you are indeed healthy before you become pregnant. During this check-up you can ask your health care provider on how long you need to wait before you are planning to become pregnant.

If there is a copy of the list of vaccination of pregnant women you can share it with your doctor. If this is not there with you the doctor can do a medical check up to determine which vaccines might be suitable for you.

The vaccines which are a must after pregnancy

In case if you have missed any vaccines before becoming pregnant then do it now. This means protection can be offered in case of future pregnancies. For example if you did not avail the Tdap vaccine before becoming pregnant then do it now. The reason being chances of pertussis passing over to the baby is higher. This vaccine can be obtained even at 2 months old. The best mechanism would be to protect yourself from this vaccine and to protect anyone who has this disorder. Any family or close relatives who spends a considerable amount of time with the baby needs to avail this vaccine close to 2 weeks before you meet the baby.

Sometimes after birth the health care provider might ask you to take some vaccines. In any case most babies need to wait for 2 months before they need to have vaccination. If you are vaccinated you prevent sickness and it would not pass on to the baby. If you are planning to breastfeed your baby most vaccinations are safe for the mother and even the baby. Discuss with your health care provider that you are breastfeeding your baby to ensure that all vaccinations are safe.

To conclude vaccinations are a vital cog in the wheel before and even after pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor on which are safe and which needs to be avoided.