Top Tips to Grow Your Web Presence

In the hyperconnected world of modern business, having a strong web presence is vital for the long-term viability of your organization. Your organizations web presence can be defined as the total sum of your online actions and interactions and how these effect your visibility on the internet along with the perceptions of those who visit your website and social media channels. Visibility is a key facet of your web presence in business terms. It is worth considering that an enormous 95% of all web traffic goes on page one search results. If your web page shows up several pages down google rankings the traffic you receive from organic searches will be a miniscule fraction compared to the top listing companies. In this article some of the best ways to grow your web presence are described to ensure that your customers are aware of the products and services you offer and to translate awareness into sales.

Make sure your site is professional

The most important aspect in growing your Web Presence is to ensure that you have a professional looking website. It must be exceptionally well designed with attractive visuals and styling and filled with engaging content that is easy to read on a variety of devices. Remember that 70% of website traffic in 2022 comes from smartphones. It is therefore of paramount importance to ensure that your website runs effectively and looks good on smaller screens which allow easy navigation from page to page. In terms of web content, it must be eye catching, insightful and well referenced when making statements or to back up statistics. Your content must resonate with your reader and your target market. Ideally it should prompt return visits either due to proving a source of information that visitors will use again (also known as evergreen content) or you provide a source of fresh engaging content that drives repeat visits.

Leverage traffic from social media

Today, the vast majority of high performing organizations will leverage the benefits of having dedicated social media channels to drive traffic to their website. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can function as catalysts to increased web presence. A well worded post describing a new product with a backlink to the website product page is an exceptionally low cost and highly effective method to generate web traffic. Also consider a snappy video campaign on channels such as Instagram or YouTube shorts to improve product awareness and gain extra followers that can be converted into paying customers.

Contact bloggers and influencers

Some of the world’s most popular bloggers and web celebrities can become effective brand ambassadors for your product or service and their sponsored blogs or posts about your website can drive immense volumes of traffic to your website. Remember that a key factor in choosing which blogger or influencer to promote for you should be that their existing content and output should be relevant to your products and services. If there is no tangible link between brand ambassador and company, then the link between the two will seem forced and unnatural. Take the time to research bloggers and influencers who regularly make content in your area of the marketplace to ensure that the promotion is natural.