Top 10 social media stats that Singapore digital marketers must know

The usage of social media in Singapore has come a long way today. Social media plays an important role in people’s everyday decisions here.Here. Let’s take a look at the statistics and key factors that reflect the Singapore audience’s online presence and what does it mean for digital marketers.

10 social and digital marketing stats for Singapore every marketer must know:

  •  Singapore has one of the highest digital consumption rates in the world compared to other advanced countries.
  • 84% Or4.83 million of the population uses the internet actively.More than three in four people in the country use the internet regularly on a daily basis.
  •  75% of the country’s population actively access social media via mobile. With the rapid growth of ecommerce and increasing use of smartphones, day by day, is forcing advertisers to adapt to digital at a faster rate.
  •  Singaporeans spend an average of 2 hours and 6 minutes daily on social media. Let’s admit it, we are all obsessed with social media and all the platforms and the people of Singapore are no exception.
  •  Over 75% of users are on Facebook. This is a huge market for advertisers to take advantage of. Reaching people or audience here has been proven to be one of the most effective ways for digital marketers.
  •  11. 38% of Singaporeans use Instagram daily.Singapore stands third in global ranking for the usage of Instagram.
  •  68% watch videos online on a daily basis.
  •  59% prefer completing work digitally. Singaporeans, on average, spend about 2 hours and 6 minutes daily on all social media platforms put together.
  •  50.6% of all social media users are women, and men only account for 49.4%.
  •  71% of the professionals using the platform feel that it is a credible source of content.

It has been established that Singapore is very active online and it is one of the best places to market for greater reach. With more and more businesses increasing their social media efforts to keep up with the demand only means that more competition for eyeballs.

Social Media or Digital Marketing today is the most effective way to help businesses grow organically, build lasting relationships and trust with their target audiences.Digital communication and especially when done the right way, can take a business places. It is important to keep an eye on digital marketing tweaks, find out the most current online happenings and apply them in your ongoing or new digital marketing campaign. Create a delicate balance between what the audience wants to see online and what does it not want to see.The participation of millennials online is the highest so your content must cater to their liking and style. Grow your business multi fold by engaging with your target with the help of the best digital marketing agency in Singapore today. Professional companies and agencies offer a plethora of services based on your business and tailor specific services according to your genre and marketing needs.