Rent a car in Ireland: the tips to enjoy the trip!

Traveling by car is, without doubt, one of the best ways to visit Ireland. The car allows almost total freedom of movement on the roads of the island, allowing you to quickly reach the most remote and spectacular landscapes. If you are at least 25 years old (to avoid paying the surcharge) and have a travel partner, the best solution is without a doubt to rent a car to explore every corner of green Ireland. Having a bit of insecurity at the beginning, when it’s the first time you drive in the left lane of the road is completely normal with Car, but it will take you a little while to get used to it.

Check the following renting car guide in Ireland!

Here are some tips for new drivers in Ireland or aspiring to be

It seems pretty obvious, but it has happened that someone asked me, “Are car pedals also in Ireland the other way around?” Undoubtedly you can be calm; the Irish cars do the steering wheel to the right, but the brake-clutch-accelerator to remain in the same sequence to which we were accustomed in our country.

Roundabouts and advances, all the contrary!

Keep in mind that roundabouts in Ireland should be taken in a clockwise direction: it is commented that taking a roundabout in the wrong direction can be very unpleasant! Similarly, if you are on a road, remember that the fast track is on the right side.

The gearbox: manual or automatic?

Use the manual gearbox with your left hand can be a bit difficult (except for lefties, who will appreciate the novelty), but it’s just a matter of habit. Although if you are used to the automatic gearbox you can opt for the cars that offer that option.

Stop, calmly

When you stop at a Stop, to give priority to another vehicle or just to take a good picture, always try to remain calm and focused. After making a stop with our vehicle, our instincts may lead us to choose the wrong lane, so take a deep breath before starting the engine and pay attention!  The Car GPS tracker already installed in car so don’t play with driving rules in Ireland.

Dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry

No hurry, you’ll enjoy the trip more! The advice not to step on the accelerator is not only an invitation to use common sense, but also, and above all, a duty not to miss the best of Ireland. Reducing speed also allows you to be more focused on the possible dangers that can restrict Irish roads, especially in rural areas (flocks of sheep, unexpected curves and dangerous potholes, sudden road chokes …).

Attention with traffic signals

A fundamental help to avoid any error may be to pay attention to traffic signals, especially at crossroads and roundabouts. As for directions, be careful when you venture into the western desert (for example, on the Dingle peninsula): often the signs are only in Gaelic! Therefore, it will not hurt, learn your destiny in Irish, not only in English …

The company of two …

A friend in the passenger seat to act as co-pilot can be very important to help with the map and the route to follow … or just to stay awake! If you are a beginner try to avoid driving “alone”.

How to rent a motorhome in Ireland

In Ireland, we rented our motorhome in partnership with BunkCampers. They are Ireland’s largest motorhome rental company focused on the economic traveler profile. In addition to Ireland, they also operate in the United Kingdom and recently opened their first store in continental Europe, in Hamburg, Germany.

For people like us, with no experience in renting or driving a motorhome, choosing BunkCampers was key to learning all the details of how a vehicle like this works and we have the necessary support throughout our trip.

The process of renting a motorhome is no different than the rental of a car. The requirements are the same as for a standard vehicle. As much as the size of a motorhome frightens at first glance, they fit into the same category – of vehicles up to 3,500 kg – of a single car. Thus, anyone who has category “B” rating is also able to drive one.

In summary, the minimum requirements are:

The driver must be between 25 and 69 years old. Travelers between 21 and 24 can rent only the “Roadie”, the smallest of the models available, which has no bathroom on board. Between 70 and 74 year olds can place any model, but there is an extra charge for the insurance charged.

The driver must have permanent qualification to drive (Category B or higher) for at least 2 years. Have a credit or debit card whose limit can be used as collateral for vehicle insurance (optionally you can hire an “excess reduction” plan to decrease or zero the amount to be locked on the card).