Relaxin hormone- Traits to be aware

Once due date approaches a natural reaction would be to figure out more about impending labor. A worry would be can you push the baby out with ease and if that is not the case you are not alone. No worries as relaxin can help in the process. Now the question is when relaxin starts emerging during pregnancy. Now let us cast our eyes to when doesrelaxin production take off during pregnancy.

More about relaxin?

Production of relaxin hormone takes place when you are pregnant. After ovulation production of this hormone occurs. In the first trimester and during the last few weeks of pregnancy production of this hormone rises. Though the main function of this hormone is to loosen down the pelvis muscles so that it paves way for easy vaginal delivery.

In addition even in non-pregnant women and men this hormone is found. Once pregnant women expect a rise in the level of relaxin production. Membranes along with placenta all produce relaxin to make delivery process easy. For men prostate gland is responsible for secretion of this hormone.

During pregnancy this hormone has an important role to play. The main goal of this hormone would be to widen the pelvic muscles so that your body is prepared for growth in an easy manner. An easy manner in order to push the baby out during pregnancy would depend on the pelvic muscles. By presence of this hormone your pelvic muscles are relaxed. It also helps to stretch out the abdominal muscles when you are pregnant.

The impact relaxin creates when you are pregnant?

It is been found that relaxin hormone is helpful when you become pregnant. It could trigger other infections that could cause a lot of discomfort during pregnancy. Educate yourself about positive features of this hormone that includes

  • When pregnant relaxin takes a toll on spinal ligaments, paving way for instability and pain. When pregnant you need to pay a lot of attention to posture and chances of back problems increase
  • Once pregnant you could even suffer from pelvic pain. Each one of us can suffer from PGP, but when pregnant PGP reaches a different level due to the presence of relaxin hormone.
  • The moment you become pregnant, muscles are known to become loose due to impact of relaxin hormone, posing higher incidence of injuries. Risk a fall or even over stretch the muscles. For example you might be working on a yoga pose to encourage flexibility, but due to lose ligaments chances are that you might end up overstretching your muscles. To foster stability it is always better to seek expert opinion of your doctor.

Presence of relaxin hormone could make you unsteady or wobbly during pregnancy. At the same time birth procedure has to become easy. Pay a lot of attention to your posture all the more so during the first and third trimester of pregnancy. This is the time when this hormone is at its peak in the body.