Ram Chary Explains the Advantages of an Efficient Supply Chain Management System

Global markets have been expanding beyond the borders over the last few decades. The ways through which demand and supplies are managed have essentially evolved to a great extent over time. As per industry professionals like Ram Chary, modern day companies ideally plan to set up production centers where the labor and costs of raw materials are affordable, so as to keep their manufacturing expenses minimal and augment their profit prospects. Ram V Chary says that dynamic procurement strategy spanning across the globe has become incredible important in order to source the ideal materials and vendors for the supply for the perfect quality and quality of the goods at a reasonable pricing.

Ram Chary Everi says that in the modern world people can often find well known enterprises planning to procure items globally from diverse vendors in order to supply raw materials to their factories operating in multiple continents.  The finished products from all of those diverse factory locations subsequently pass through multiple distributions chain networks. These networks can include warehouses, distributors, exports to various local markets, retailers and ultimately the relevant end customer. Managing all of these tasks in tandem with the aim to manage both demand and supply on a global scale can be referred to as supply chain management. In simpler terms, Ram Chary defines supply chain management as the management of a network of multiple activities and business processes that begin at the point of procurement of raw materials and ends as the finished goods reaches the end consumers. 

Ram V Chary essentially is renowned business man who has more than 20 years of experience in the supply chain management industry. He has held executive positions in multiple well-known enterprises, where he was responsible for managing an extensive and diverse range of global operational functions and businesses. Ram Chary currently leads Global Commercial Services for FIS, and is responsible for efficient global delivery operations and supply chain. He is a well experienced professional having a consistent track record when it comes to improving operational efficiency while rationalizing investments and minimalizing expenses.

His extensive year in the industry has provided Ram Chary Everi with a wide ranging knowledge about the domain of supply chain management. Here are a few pointers provided by him in which he talks about how a good supply chain management can minimalize the operation expenses of a business:

  • Decreases Purchasing Cost – Majority of retailers tend to depend on supply chains in order to swiftly distribute expensive products and avoid sitting on costly inventories.
  • Decrease Production Cost – Any kind of delay in the production process can cost a company a good sum of money.  Efficient supply chain management facilitates reliable delivery of raw materials to various assembly plants, subsequently helping companies to avoid   any costly delays in manufacturing.

Ram Chary also highlights that in the modem competitive market scenario, efficient supply chain can go a long way in providing a business the edge that it requires.