Preparation of Hot Café Mocha for Coffee Lovers

Coffee is the most energetic hot drinks which can keeps you charged for all day long at your workplace and if you can improvise our favorite drink then you are a happier person to have that drink. Now, making coffee is the easiest job in your kitchen but making a good Mocha coffee is a tougher job for everyone. So, here in this article I’m going to write about the making process of hot café mocha coffee at your home with your home ingredients.

There are lots of advantages you can have by drinking coffee on a regular basis. It an help you to reduce weight, it can reduce the mighty risk of death from liver cirrhosis by 66%, it can also lowers liver enzyme levels, but coffee is a little bit harmful for pregnant women so, try to avoid this at that time. So friends, lets have a quick look at the ingredients and cooking methods of this delicious energy booster drink.


Shot hot espresso or strong coffee

3 Tbsp chocolate syrup (or more), use a good quality for best taste, such as Hershey’s

1 cup steamed milk, check link above for how to make steamed/frothy milk in microwave

¼ tsp vanilla extract, optional

Aerosol whipped cream

Sprinkle of cinnamon, optional

Preparing Method

In an expansive espresso cup, pour in 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup.

Include espresso or coffee with vanilla concentrate and blend together.

At that point, include steamed milk.

You can mix tenderly or leave layered.

Garnish with whipped cream and 1 tablespoon of syrup. Include cinnamon if needed.

So friends, this is the cooking process of mocha coffee. There are many different ways also people love to make mocha coffees for their own style. You can search in the internet to know in detail about the recipe of café mocha coffee to try it at your home.

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