John Kang Liquidmetal Expert – Why Is Liquidmetal In Demand Today

Liquidmetal is a hot topic of discussion in the technological world. It plays an important part in the manufacturer of consumer electronics in the market today. It has become a deep subject of interest after Apple purchased many patents of Liquidmetal technologies. Today, Apple is using Liquidmetal in some of its products and tech experts are curious to know why the company is interested when it comes to buying patents of the same. However, some tech experts say that the topic of Liquidmetal is not a new subject of discussion. It has been in the market for several years, and many experts have also studied it as well. 

John Kang Liquidmetal expert – So, how does Liquidmetal work?

John Kang is an esteemed businessman in the medical industry and has invaluable experience when it comes to the field of liquid metal and the way it functions. He says that Liquidmetal actually made its appearance in 2003 and so it is not a very new concept contrary to popular belief. According to John Kang Liquidmetal expert, he says that several industries have been using Liquidmetal in the past and you will find its use in golf clubs, space applications, and other prominent electronic consumer products in the market. Another example of the use of Liquidmetal is in the manufacture of Sandisk Cruzer Titanium Drive that deploys Liquidmetal for its sliding out connector and does not use titanium for manufacturing the part.

What is Liquidmetal made of?

According to John Kang WebMD specialist, Liquidmetal is a combination of many metallic alloys known as bulk metallic glass. The properties of this bulk metallic glass are more or less like common glass, and it has the ability to break under strong impact. Liquidmetal does not have a set point for melting, and under high temperature, it develops a character that is like plastic that is simple for you to shape and mold. Liquidmetal is composed of several metals like nickel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. It is highly durable and used in military aerospace, electronic consumer goods, and medical instruments as well. 

As perJohn Kang Liquidmetal expert, Liquidmetal can be used in a number of areas, and its use is not confined to one area. Both the manufacturer and the consumer are able to benefit from the use of the properties in Liquidmetal. It is known for its high tensile strength, resistance to wear and tear, resistance to corrosion and its elasticity qualities. It also releases stored energy in a very slow manner. These are just some of the qualities that make Liquidmetal highly in demand in the market today. Most companies are happy with Liquidmetal as it gives them an end product that is much stronger than titanium and aluminum in the market. This is why it is ideal for products like SanDisk USB flash drive devices, MP3 players, casings of luxury watches, etc. This makes the products stronger and durable for the end user. When it comes to phones, Liquidmetal makes the device more resistant to overheating and high impact.