Jewelry Gift Guide 101

Everyone knows that jewelry makes a thoughtful gift, but how do you choose something they will want to wear? There are a few factors to consider when shopping for jewelry, and this guide will help you to make the right purchase.

Creating a Character Profile

This does not necessarily mean you need to sit and write out everything you know about someone but choosing the perfect jewelry to gift does require a level of sentiment to it. Start by thinking about the answers to these questions and keep them in mind when browsing jewelry.

Who Are You Buying For?


Firstly, who is the gift for?Is it your mom, dad, sister, brother, a friend? This will set you off in the right direction as you will be able to narrow your search based on whether you are looking for feminine or masculine jewelry. It also helps to consider their age and what they would be likely to feel comfortable wearing – maybesimple and elegant designs would be more likely to suit your grandparents, and perhaps your siblings might prefer a bold, statement piece.

What Jewelry do They Usually Wear?


This might be more difficult if you have not spent a lot of time with the person you are buying for, but it can be a key determiner in finding jewelry that they will make good use of. Have a think to see if you can recall them showing any jewelry in the past or wearing a particular piece regularly. This can help to distinguish their preference for elements like:

  • Gold vs silver finish
  • Type and length of chain
  • Gemstone type, color, and size

Top tip – if this is something that you are unsure on, try scrolling through their recent posts on social media. There is a chance that they will be wearing or sharing jewelry that they like, and this can give you an idea on their preferences.


What are Their Favorite Hobbies and Interests?

Choosing jewelry that relates to the person’s favorite hobbies or interests can show that you put a lot of effort into finding something ideal for them. Some of the main categories of themed jewelry to consider could be:

  • Film & TV – do they have a favorite franchise that they would love to wear?
  • Sports – are they passionate about a particular sport or team?
  • Music –are they a superfan of a genre or artist?
  • Animals – do they have any pets?
  • Crystals – are they interested in gemstones for meditation or reiki?

You can see examples of bespoke crystal jewelry on

This is not to say that you should buy jewelry featuring a logo as such, but there are subtle ways that hobbies and interests are incorporated into jewelry that are not so literal. For example, an ice skate necklace for an ice-skating enthusiast or a bunny for a rabbit lover.

Do You Know Their Sizing?

Depending on who you are buying for, you may not know their ring size. If this is the case, it is best to avoid looking at rings and opt for a necklace or bracelet instead. If you do know their sizing, you will be able to choose a ring. This is a factor that may help you decide what type of jewelry to buy.

Once you have an idea of what the person you are buying for would likely look for themselves, you can begin your search by narrowing down the options to find the perfect jewelry gift for a loved one.