James Feldkamp – Understanding the Roots of Terrorism & Its Impact in Society

Terrorism is a terrible thing however most people do not understand its concepts and causes. It is here that experts in the field of counterterrorism activities step in to make people across the globe understand its causes and impact on the world. Experts also state that people must be aware of how to act correctly when confronted with a terrorist attack.

James Feldkamp- eliminating the fear of terrorism

James Feldkamp is an expert in the field of counterterrorism. He currently is writing a blog with posts relating to the fears of terrorism people have in their minds today. He also wants to make readers become aware of the impact terrorism has on the world today. He is a leading consultant to major international security and global counterterrorism groups. He is a regular speaker at conferences and other seminars related to international and national terrorism and maritime security. Besides terrorism, he also will write about international warfare, environmental terrorism, state-sponsored terrorist activities, cyber terrorism and more. He also served the FBI, The Office of Global Maritime Situational Awareness in Washington, DC and The National Maritime Intelligence Integration Office. He was also one of the founding members of The Tidewater Joint Terrorism Task Force at Norfolk in Virginia.

He has the mission to spread awareness in the field of counterterrorism. He explains the terms that are used in military tactics, strategies and techniques. It is high time, people wake up to the reality of terrorism and be educated about it. People should be aware of how terrorism activities are financed and how intelligence agencies are working hard to combat terrorist activities across the world. Terrorism is a threat to world peace and security. It is vital for people to join hands with the government to tackle and prevent terrorism.

Tips for people in general

You never know what life may throw at you. Terrorism is on the rise and if you are not alert you may risk losing your life. He says that in case you come face to face with terrorism, remain alert. You need to get out of danger with a calm mind. This is where you should be proactive. If you are caught in a situation where there is a terrorist attack, run to safety. In case, you are stuck with the attacker and there are safe places for you to run to, hide and try to barricade yourself from the eyes of the attacker.

Bullets and gunfire can penetrate wood, metal and bricks so find a very heavy barricade to hide. James Feldkamp says that always keep your cellphones in the silent mode and switch off the vibration. In this way, you can keep safe from the attacker. Stay quiet and when you can call the police or emergency services giving details about the place and attacker. In case, you cannot talk listen carefully to the advice of the phone operator to get and stay out of grave danger. He says, this is just the general advice however he will cover every aspect of terrorism in his blog to keep people informed and alert against terrorism and its threats.