It’s Time to Stop Using Social Networks at Work

You have probably heard stories of smaller companies allowing their staff to look at their Facebook profiles at work, only to ban Facebook a few weeks later. Social media is an additive nuisance, and it often affects people who have a job rather than people who have a career.

It’s Time to Stop Using Social Networks at Work

People who have a job are clock watchers. We at know that people who have a job are grinding through their day and making the best of it, which is why social media is an attractive nuisance in the work place.

If you have a career, then social media is no more an attractive nuisance than the sexy coworker that keeps flirting and making suggestive comments. To a person with a career, social media is a distraction rather than something to check. Social media should still be banned in the workplace.

Even though it livens up the days of people with a job, you are essentially wasting money on staff hours whenever you allow them to go on social media. Social networks are going to attract the attention of people with jobs, which means their value per hour per dollar spent on them is going to go down. Essentially, you are paying the same wages, but you are getting less of a return on your investment.

What About People Who Have A Career?

A person with a career may wish to go onto social media, but it is a distraction, and it is one they probably wouldn’t want. Some say that career people should be allowed to go on social media to check on their families, but most people have their phones at home where apps such as What’sApp allow them to check on their families. People with careers like to make the most of their time at work so they may progress and build their career, which makes social media an unnecessary distraction, which makes it an unnecessary evil in the workplace.

What About Jobs That Require Social Media Interaction?

In these cases, a staff member should be monitored to check if that person is abusing social media and wasting time. It is not uncommon for companies to check up on their employees. You have a right to know if you are paying somebody to mess around on social media. Businesses keep a check on their company cars, and they keep a check on Internet use, so why not check up on social media use.

Conclusion – Social Media Is Not Good or Bad

Social media should be banned in the workplace, but that doesn’t make it bad. By allowing staff to use social media, you are inviting distractions. Will staff members switch to using social media on their phones instead? Yes, they will, but you can ban phones on business premises, and it is very easy to spot if a person is using their phone at work. The time has come to stop using social media at work and start getting on with the job in hand.