Maintenance of a proper weight is important because of so many reasons. You must not be overweight and not underweight, but must hit the proper weight level. With this, knowing your ideal weight is also very essential.

There are numerous people which when asked, consider it a disrespect, and think that they do not need to lose weight. However, they must consider the fact that although they are super comfortable and happy with their skin and body, they cannot overlook the fact that being obese or underweight, both can cause numerous illnesses and diseases. Obesity is known to reduce the average life span of a person due to the dangerous illnesses that it can cause.

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According to a report that was made by WHO – world’s Health Organization, Obesity has been known to increase its number thrice ever since 1975 which is alarming. It has been researched upon and concluded that obesity kills more people all over the world than does being underweight which means that the ratio of obese people around the globe is greater than the ratio of underweight people. The Standard BMI varies with different age groups. A report has also revealed that in the year 2016, about 40 million children under the ‘’age of 5’’ were considered obese. This is extremely alarming, shocking and an eye-opener. Obesity is harmful to a very dangerous extent. Given below are some of the illnesses caused by obesity.

– Heart diseases.

As mentioned earlier, obesity is the ‘’enemy’’ of the most important organ in the body. I.e. heart. Obesity tends to weaken the heart increasing the risk of heart attacks, heart artery/vein blockage and much more. Although, many of the treatments are available, the fact that no proper blood pumping can damage organs and tissues and might result in deaths, cannot be overlooked.


-Breathing difficulties:

Obesity also causes breathing difficulties. Obviously, when your heart won’t function properly and wouldn’t do its function incorporation with the lungs, it for sure, will end up in breathing difficulties.

-Gall stones:

Unhealthy eating habits, tend to cause gall and kidney stones. The accumulation of salts such as sodium sulphate, calcium sulphate tend to cause kidney and gall stones which are very dangerous if not operated or removed at the right time.

And the list goes on. This must be noticed that apart from causing different diseases inside the body, obesity also tends to shatter the self-confidence and social acceptance of a person which can cause the person to suffer from mental illnesses such as depression.


It is better to avoid weight than to lose weight, and it is much easier as well. Being a kid, it is the responsibility of the parents to check on the diets of the kids and especially as their bodies are super sensitive. On the other hand, once a person gains excessive weight, it becomes highly difficult for the person to shed the unneeded fat. It might be difficult, but it is not impossible.

-Take care of your eating habits.

Don’t go for junk often. Fast foods such as burgers, pizza’s, oily foods and etc. are high in calories and they are the unhealthy ones. Also, the oily foods tend to increase the cholesterol which is really very unhealthy for the heart. So avoiding such foods from the beginning will help you maintain the weight.


Make workout a habit. Even if you are on the perfect level of weight, workout or at least go for a walk. This will help you tone and maintain the body. Also, workouts help increase the flexibility and freshness of the body. You’ll save yourself from many harmful illnesses.


Diets are a good way to lose weight. Diets basically lower the amount of calorie intake of yours and so you for sure, lose body fat. People who are obese, are advised to follow a diet plan and workout at the same time in order to lose some extra fat or calories.

With all this, One thing that must be focused upon are the ‘’instant’’ and ‘’quick’’ weight loss tips.


The simple answer to this is, ‘’yes’’. It for sure is very risky, to lose weight all of a sudden and quickly. People which tend to look thinner all of a sudden, are usually considered to be suffering from an illness such as sugar, anemia, and even cancer.

Many people wish and have the urge to lose weight as quickly as they possibly can. However, they must understand that it is not an easy process and going on a hunger strike and water diets is not a good idea. Why? It has been mentioned below.

Your body is designed in a way that it needs some average amount of calories per daily basis. This is because ‘’food’’ is the fuel for the body. And without the fuel, the body does not has the energy requirement fulfilled. You do not only need energy to carry out the daily life chores, but the inside of your body and the processes that the organs and organ systems perform, need energy as a requirement as well.

There are numerous medicines and supplements that promise to help lose weight quickly, however, they are very dangerous and harmful for the health because they can affect the body negatively. Which means, they can even result in infertility.

The average ‘’safe weight loss range’’ is considered to be 1-2 pounds each week. If one loses more than that, then it can accompany health issues. Problems such as gallstones and etc. are not only accompanied by obesity but excessively quick weight loss also accompanies them. If one consumes lesser calories than they burn daily, then the body seeks help from the energy stores present in the body such as glycogen, which are there to help in severe conditions.


Weighing machines are not the only ones which can help you take the measure of the weight. With this weight calculator, one can easily dive into the process of calculation of their weights, standard weights, and can easily compare to see if they are overweight, underweight, or even obese. It is a very fast and accurate process and shows the exact value.