Ins and Outs Of Investing In Pink Diamonds

Finding the place worthy of your investment can be risky and it is not necessary that it will reap. But the thing is from where to start? Pink diamonds are beautiful and incredible stones. These are an excellent option for investment. Everything about these diamonds is unique and amazing. They are rare as their production is quite low and they are not available in a large quantity.

This timeless beauty is worthy of investment. Apart from becoming part of jewellery, it is also becoming the perfect option for the investment portfolio. As the stock market is volatile, prices of silver and gold fluctuate and prices might drop. Here, a diamond makes a perfect option for investment purpose. Thus, it is the only investment that you can wear and its values do no diminishes.

Pink Diamonds are Dominating The Market

As per the opinion of leading pink diamond specialists such as in the last few years, pink diamonds have emerged as the best investment option as these are one of the rarest coloured diamonds in the market. In fact, its most of the supply is from e Australian Argyle-mine and this mine is on the verge of closing till 2020. As this mine accounts for around 90% supply of pink diamonds, therefore, investing in pink diamond will be a smart decision. Even if it is of lower quality as well as colour grading, then also it is worthy of your investment. 

There are 7 hues of pink and it includes light, fancy light, faint, very light, fancy intense, fancy, and fancy vivid. Here fancy vivid is also considered as fancy dark and fancy deep.


In terms of the financial side, these coloured diamonds offer a hedge against inflation and they are taken as the crisis resistant. It is also observed that these pink diamonds are providing long term profitability as these are in great demand as its supply is limited because this is a natural resource and its availability is rare in nature. It is durable and portable. Hence, it is worthy of your money.

It does not wear off or break as this is the hardest substance on the Earth. Thus, the investor will not worry about breaking off the diamond but one should make sure that it is lost.

Gold, Silver and real estate are subjected to inflation. But the pink diamonds are movable as well as durable. So, it is definitely a good choice to invest your money in such incredible stones.

Risks With Pink Diamonds

No investment is 100% secure and safe. So, with every investment, there is some risk associated with it. However, the more the risk with the investment, the return will be higher. The risks one must keep in mind while making the investment are the higher interest rate, investment depreciation, currency conversation, falling prices and so on.

It will be best to diversify your portfolio of investment. It will help in minimizing the risk. And when you are planning to diversify your portfolio then you can consider pink diamonds as one of the investment options.