Haris Ahmed – The Importance of Soft Skills in Employees for Business Growth!

Your company operations and business are important. As a business owner, you cannot do everything alone. This is why it is crucial for you to hire skilled and quality manpower for your organization. The recruitment and hiring process is instrumental for the progress and growth of your company. However, most employees are not sure on how to find good employees for their companies? They often recruit employees that might be highly experienced, trained and qualified. Though paid well, they lack effective soft skills that are needed for the job. This is where they fail and your company suffers when it comes to business development and growth.

Haris Ahmed- what should you look for in an employee?

Haris Ahmed is the CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc- a leading consulting company in the USA. He says that most employers look for training and qualifications in men and women candidates for various posts in their organizations in Removille. They often overlook the soft skill part and land up recruiting a good employee with poor communication skills.

Why are soft skills important?

As a business owner, it is obvious you will delegate many duties to your employees. You will not be able to deal with the needs of every client that approaches your company for goods or services. Having a good team is crucial for the growth and development of your organization as they are charged up to perform better. You need to speak to your team and instruct them on how they should deal with your clients and make them happy. The block of duties should be specified to each one that does them well.

Soft skills help your team to cater to the queries and concerns of your clients and customers in a highly professional way. This boosts the performance of your team and helps you in a large way to get a competitive edge in the market. Soft skills establish a personal touch with your clients and customers. They become loyal customers and keep on coming back to you for goods and services all the time.

Focus on periodical soft skill training for your team

He adds that as a business owner you should focus on soft skill training alongside with product and process training. This helps your company to improve rapport with the clients and the customer. Often happy customers become loyal customers. They end up becoming brand ambassadors for your organization and spread your goodwill to others in the market via word-of-mouth.

Haris Ahmed sums up by saying as a business owner of a small or a large company, check the soft skills of a candidate before hiring him or her for your organization. He says that other skills needed for the job can be easily acquired however when it comes to analytic skills, proactiveness, creativity etc., soft skills play a major role here. Your company will progress and perform well. Your customers will be satisfied when you have a team that is sound in relationship building and performance. Therefore, the next time you are recruiting for your organization and keen to build a winning team for performance, focus on the soft skills of the prospective candidate of the block or eligible candidates and watch your team take your company to new heights with success!