Don’t buy a Domain Name before Asking Yourself these Questions

Experts often have expressed their views that companies don’t often do their work adequately when it comes to purchasing domain. Buying a domain blindly will only lead to a loss that would affect an organization massively. Hence, professionals often advice that people should opt for elegant business names only after asking themselves a few questions and getting the correct answers. Here take a look at what questions one should ask before purchasing domain name! 

  • Is the domain name needs to be same as registered business name?

The first question one should ask is whether the registered business name and domain needs to be same. It is better for choosing something similar to business organization. However, there is no rule that it has to be same. Hence, select a name that is the best for business and not something which is chosen for other purposes.

Ensure the domain name chosen is creative, short and has resemblance to an organization or business industry the said company falls under. Also, an individual can take assistance from professionals which name would be better for his/her business.

  • Is using hyphens, numbers, etc. viable?

Well, a number of businesses use hyphens, special characters, numbers, etc. when it comes to choosing a domain name. Also, business with these characters in their domain name is doing quite well too. However, experts always suggest that people should avoid using such things in their domain name. The basic reason is that it creates confusion when it comes to typing and also is not a sound option when it comes to remembering it accurately.

Also, when putting numbers on domain names, it is highly confusing to people when a brand’s name is spread through word of mouth. For instance, people hearing about an organization which has a numeric in domain name from a friend or family member often will get confused whether to spell it out or simply put numerical letter when typing.

  • Should one avoid domain names with similar existing website?

In short, the answer is yes! It will create a confusion and copyright issue, if this matter comes to light, which is not worth the hassle. However, what if an individual comes across a term which is not copyrighted yet? The answer still stays the same, one should avoid it.

The simple reason for it is that even if it isn’t copyrighted one should avoid purchasing a domain name the variation of which is available for a different organization’s domain name. It means people should avoid using singular version if plural of it is taken and vice versa. Also, try to avoid breaking words with hyphens or adding preposition.

  • Should I avoid trademarked domain names?

It is true that people might find it hard to come across with a creative business names sometimes. However, it doesn’t mean that they can choose a trademarked one. Doing so will confuse potential customers and take them to a different website. Moreover, using copyrighted name for will open lawsuits against a company where a business will have to pay hefty fine along with other penalties like losing domain name and more.

Remember this well, even if it is not intentionally done and a company legitimately not confusing people, it will be facing legal issues for choosing copyrighted terms as domain name. Hence, adequately search and consult professionals before purchasing one.

Note: It just a small advice to people who want to purchase domain names; they should always opt for reputed domain name sellers to buy one.

  • How much budget do I have?

Last but not the least, is knowing the budget. Domain names’ price starts from a few hundred dollars and can rise up to thousands of dollars depending on several aspects. Hence, going over-budget is a mistake which many individuals make when buying a domain. However, one can reconsider the budget as it is an investment and a company will require the bet domain name it can possible acquire.

Ensure asking yourself these questions before you buy a domain name. It will help you in avoiding a lot of issues and also assist in getting the best possible domain name quickly. So, get contact a seller and get yours today!