Customer Retention – 5 Exceptional Ways to Communicate with Shoppers

If you’ve been a part of the business world, we’re pretty sure you might be well aware that attaining new shoppers is never easy on one’s pocket as compared to retaining the existing ones.

Studies reveal that it costs around 7 times more for a brand to attain new shoppers. More to the point, by retaining nearly 5% of the existing ones a business can incur a profit of around 75% – now that’s huge isn’t it?That being said, it comes as no surprise that customer retention is always appreciated, since they tend to expend around 3 times more than the others.

Well, if you want to be amongst those companies making constant profits then you have got to start by fulfilling the needs and requirements of your shoppers. Comprehend their pain points and pay attention to what they’ve got to say. This way you’ll be able to improve their shopping experience.

Apart from them, customer engagement also plays a major role in developing a strong customer base. To do just that, you’ve got to communicate with your shoppers on a constant basis in order to establish trust and a positive relationship.

Now you might be wondering how you can engage with your customers. Well, guess what… we’ve got you covered for that too! In this article, we’ve mentioned 5 exceptional ways for you to enhance the retention rate by engaging with your customers.

Send useful campaigns through email

The most efficient and affordable way to develop trust and a good relationship with shoppers is through email marketing. Studies reveal that for every £1 that’s put into email marketing, the average ROI a business receives is around £44.25.

Send auto-campaigns

Do not try to send email campaigns manually: you will need dozens of people for that work. Use email drip campaigns tools to send email sequences automatically. They are quick, easy-to-use, and show much better open, reply, and conversion rates.

With the help of such a tool, you can do lots of useful things: schedule the sequence, add triggers, delay the email sending, compose plain-text emails (which, by the way, show high open and click-through rates), always be aware of the statistics, and see how many people meet the goals you’ve set.

As you can see, you will save valuable time: the only manual work you’ve got to do is to build an email sequence and think thoroughly over every email campaign element. And all that is thanks to drip emails.

Nonetheless, it is all about sending across the right message to your target audience. So, concentrate on emails that’ll help you educate shoppers as to how they must use your products and don’t forget to ask them for their valuable feedback.

One of the best ways to make your customers feel valued is to send them welcome emails and motivate them to use your products as soon as possible.

Develop content that educates your shoppers

Every customer who has landed on your site is looking for just one thing – helpful information! When you develop a content hub, you’re centralising all the important information in one place and this is what a customer is majorly looking for. As per a content customer marketing consultant, content hubs can foster engagement more than a sales page ever could.

But before you build one, make sure to identify the common issues faced by your shoppers and accordingly develop content offering some kickass solutions. Only then you must categorise the information.

Constantly ask for reviews

Honest opinions always help a business to surpass their customer’s expectations. It offers you an opportunity to improve your products and service as per their needs and requirements.

Simply prepare a plan as to how you’ll be asking your customers to send reviews in order to develop a stronger relationship with us; their insights and suggestions would certainly help you to take their shopper experience a step ahead. Add to that, you’ll also be increasing your profits. It’s is said that reviews tend to influence the shoppers to purchase more (of course, from the same brand!).

Intend a loyalty programs offering amazing perks

Reports say that around 46% of customers who make use of loyalty programs think that it plays a major role in their decision-making process. These programs tell a shopper how much their value is being appreciated by your company. It acts as a reward for their positive behaviour.

Before you come with a program, make it a point to understand what your shoppers are like. Only then you must crafts rewards that’ll lure them purchase products from again. For instance, if you’re a stationary shop then think whether offering promotional pens would work wonders or a 10% discount.

Reply to support question on your social media page

These days, it is the social media support that’s helping a business to boost brand loyalty in the world of social commerce.

Customers are no longer interested in talking to customer service representatives; in fact, they’re ready to type out their problems on online sites so that you and the entire world can see them.  it’s said that around 80% of requests by customers are made on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So, you better create an account on either of them solely dedicated to answering customers’ queries and mention your support hours.

When it comes to engaging with your customers, ensure that you’re implementing the above-mentioned tactics. We’re sure that you’ll not only retain your existing customers, but also be able to increase your profits!